Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 Episode 2 Review: New Coke

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Let the journey begin.

Where Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 Episode 1 provided some solid setup for the next chapter in the main characters’ tech saga, Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 Episode 2 saw them all embarking on their respective journeys.

And perhaps with a little pep in their step?

It’s still weird to see Joe in a sort of laid back manner, even in conversing with Sara’s father, Jacob. Even when speaking with Jacob, you could tell his heart was still interested in tech.

While it was maybe a little surprising Joe would take a job essentially working for his girlfriend’s father, he also hasn’t had a ton of offers and options. So it was exciting to see Joe back in his suit, though looking a tad wary of what was to come.

I had to laugh at the fact that Joe was thrown into such a mundane position, working at the bottom, stuck in data entry. But I have to give him credit for not just quitting and instead accepting the challenge that Jacob had set up for him (and I liked the backstory about why, as well as Joe’s gift to Jacob).

Joe is definitely trying to climb his way back up, and it also helps that he has the support of Sara.

Gordon, on the other hand, is technically on easy street after his payout from Cardiff. Except he’s not doing too well as the stay-at-home dad, ordering take-out and asking his friend to pick up his kids while he does cocaine and plays video games.

Though, seeing Gordon gleeful as he set up his system (with two modems), even getting into the tank battle game and coming up with a way to make it better, was fun. While I’m sure the coke will be a problem down the road, it’s exciting to see him excited. He was even jumping into work to try and help out Mutiny even further by the end of the hour.

Again, the real heavyweight focus of the episode was on Donna and Cameron. Those two are still working things out, especially because Cameron keeps making decisions on her own. While she should have talked to Donna, bringing on both John and newcomer Tom were positives.

I really liked the introduction to Tom, the clearly intelligent but arrogant and slightly abrasive hacker looking to work with Mutiny. Not only was he able to make their game better, but he seems eager to get involved and help, even if he comes across as kind of a jerk.

As for John, he’s still trying to figure things out after losing his job and getting out of prison. A little pranking was fun at first, but you definitely felt bad for him after the letter to Cameron was read out loud. She really was the person he could talk to.

We also learned Cameron’s real name is Catherine. Cameron is her father’s name, which she took up after he died. It was nice seeing that companionship, that father/daughter relationship between John and Cameron. Though, I’m sure that’s not the last we’ve seen of John.

Things definitely seem to be on an upswing for Mutiny, but just getting funding showed the major obstacles the company was facing. It didn’t matter the capabilities that the games, or even the burgeoning chat room, could do. The person they were trying to get money from wanted to know if both Donna and Cameron had kids and would be focused on their work above all else.

It really is wild seeing the added obstacles that those two are encountering that would never likely be an issue if they were men. And I’m sure there’s going to be plenty more hurdles they have to overcome just like that.

It’s clear that things are just getting started for the characters on Halt and Catch Fire Season 2, and that journey is only looking to ramp up in the coming episodes.

Are you glad Cameron hired Tom? Will Joe prove himself? Sound off below, and if you miss an episode, you can always watch Halt and Catch Fire online now!

New Coke Review

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Halt and Catch Fire Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Cameron: You think a couple of girls won’t sue your ass into the ground?
Tom: No. You won’t sue because then I’ll get mad and I won’t tell you how to make you game better.

Since I don’t have the job, can I not have the lecture as well?