Jason George Promoted to Series Regular on Grey's Anatomy Season 12

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According to a recent report, Grey's Anatomy will add a new male surgeon on Season 12, ostensibly to replace Derek Shepherd.

But Entertainment Weekly first reports that another male will be seeing a lot more screen time when this ABC hit returns in September:

Jason George has been promoted to series regular.

Jason George on Grey's Anatomy

George himself hinted at this news on Twitter, but network sources have now made it official.

The actor has recurred as Bailey’s love interest, Ben, since Grey’s Anatomy Season 6.

It's unclear at the moment just what storylines Shonda Rhimes have in mind for Ben, but Bailey will be needing her husband’s support if she’s going to run for Chief of Surgery.

Team Bailey!

Are you excited to see more of George as Ben on Grey's Anatomy Season 12?

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