Power: Renewed for Season 3!

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Power returned to STARZ this past weekend, bringing in 1.43 million viewers, breaking the record for a season premiere on the network.

Overall, the Power Season 2 bow garnered a whopping 3.62 million views, the most ever for an episode on the network. Take that Black Jack Randall!

Given those amazing statistics, it should come as no surprise that STARZ isn't making viewers wait for the renewal announcement for Power Season 3. It most definitely will be coming back for a third season.

Power Pic

If you loved last year's breakout hit Empire and haven't yet checked into Power, you should! It focuses on a wealthy New York City night club owner who leads a double life as a drug kingpin. He struggles to balance his two lives and runs into problems when he wants to go legit and commit to his mistress.

Sounds good, right? Make sure you watch and come back each Saturday night for the latest reviews!

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Power Quotes

It's like we used to say. They ain't see shit, we ain't say shit, so it ain't shit.


Listen to me, a fine woman who knows she fine is trouble. Now that bitch bad. And she knows she bad. So you watch your back.

Kanan [to Shawn]