Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 1 Review: Open Windows

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All vacations must come to an end. Andy McNally would have done almost anything to make hers last, and that was before she knew the surprises in store for her back at 15 Division in Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 1

Reality was about to hit Andy hard in more ways than one. First off, she walked in on an attacker at Traci’s. Shouldn’t Traci know better than to leave her balcony doors open? Isn’t that Basic Security 101? 

Andy fought back and the attacker fled back out the balcony. Was this guy part Spiderman? Whatever his identity, he’d been stalking Traci for a while, watching her from the coffee shop across the street. Creepy.

The entire incident had Sam balking at telling Andy the news that Marlo’s pregnant with his child. I really couldn’t blame him. It must have been difficult to know your girlfriend was just beaten up physically and know that you’re about to do it again, this time emotionally.

When he finally broke the news, it was as though all of the air was sucked out of the room. My heart broke for Sam when he called, “Don’t leave,” as she walked off, but Andy’s going to need some time to process this.

It was somehow even more painful because it shattered the high from their amazing vacation.

Just the two of us together in a fishing cabin for three weeks. I've never been happier.


Andy believed she and Sam had made it through their biggest obstacles and that their commitment to one another was all they needed to find their happy ending. It looks like that commitment is about to be tested in ways they never imagined.

Marlo seemed rational about the pregnancy, so far. She’s on her meds and under a doctor's care. She’s keeping herself and the baby healthy, and she appears to understand that Sam is in love with Andy and that this won’t change that fact. At least I hope she understands that. Time will tell. 

Traci had the unpleasant experience of having her personal life dissected by a detective from sex crimes. My only disappointment in her story during this episode was that there was no sign of Steve besides the mention that they’re back together. Their budding relationship was one of my favorites from Rookie Blue Season 5, and I look forward to seeing more. 

When Traci and Andy investigated the other break in, I noticed the wilting yellow lilies immediately, and it didn’t take Dov long to put the pieces together. He’s become quite a talented investigator. 

Unfortunately, Dov and Chloe were still on the outs. I understand why. Chloe screwed up, and it’s going to take Dov some time to get over that, but these two were so much fun when they were together. They’re unique and quirky, and I hope they find their way back to one another before the season ends. 

Chloe and Juliette’s girl time was a hoot. It’s ironic that Chloe will hide something as important as being married yet tell a total stranger every detail of her life upon their first meeting. If Juliette is working undercover to figure out what’s going on inside 15 Division, she stumbled across quite an asset in Chloe. She probably got a primer for every personal and professional relationship in the Division in one afternoon. 

Duncan’s back again, not that I’m thrilled about that. However, I did love how Nick handled him. When Duncan complained that going door to door and warning women to lock their windows was a useless endeavor, Nick told him he could go wait in the car. It reminded me of an annoyed parent telling a child to go sulk in the corner while the adults get the work done. 

Then we got to Chris. Oh Chris! He’s gone from battling addiction to sleeping with his superior’s wife who just happens to be a recovering addict herself. What could go wrong?

The team at 15 Division got its hand slapped for conducting its own unauthorized investigation into the rapist stalking Traci, but on the upside, that led to Andy delivering the Rookie Blue quote of the night…

I'm not upset. I'm invested.

Andy McNally

As usual, I loved how Oliver handled things. He makes a fantastic Staff Sergeant, and I expect his pep talks from that podium to be a highlight of the season. 

There is no doubt 15 Division certainly has a lot on its proverbial plate. Personal angst, professional drama, and an internal investigation the key players aren’t even aware of yet. Not only did this premiere hit all the right notes, it left me clamoring for more.

I’m thrilled to have Rookie Blue back. Summer just wouldn’t be the same without it. Check back in next week for my review of Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 2

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Open Windows Review

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