Royal Pains Season 7 Episode 1: Full Episode Live!

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When you watch Royal Pains Season 7 Episode 1 online, you'll be exposed to all of the latest goings on in the Hamptons.

Divya is in the midst of an extremely ugly custody battle that even results in the young mother coming under arrest in the premiere. What the hell is going on??

In happier news, Evan and Paige buy the house they wanted so badly at the end of Royal Pains Season 6, so things must be looking up, right? Could there be a new little Lawson on the way? 

Always in the thick of things, Evan finds himself with a new job offer as an administrator at the hospital after one of Boris' quits. Will Hank be able to keep his brother by his side or lose him to the rigors of hospital administration?

And Hank? Well, he asks Charlotte to marry him. To find out what she says, you'll just have to watch Royal Pains online via TV Fanatic!!

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