Stitchers Season 1 Episode 4 Review: I See You

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I'll never look at a mannequin the same way!

This week on Stitchers Season 1 Episode 4, you got even more information on what went down with Marta and why Cameron feels so much guilt.

This was clearly a Cameron-centric episode and it may be one of my favorites so far. It's no secret I am a fan of the characters on this show, and tonight Cameron just made me love him even more; though him being shirtless didn't hurt either.

There was a ton of mystery and suspense tonight, and they really fleshed out some of the characters even more.

It was great seeing the bigger picture of what happened to Marta and now it makes a lot more sense why Cameron blames himself.

To him, the reason Marta fell into a coma in the first place is because he had to bounce her out quickly – no wonder the poor guy has been carrying around so much guilt and is worried about the same thing happening to Kirsten. 

Who else enjoyed the phone conversation between Cameron and Kirsten? Cameron is bringing Kirsten out of her shell – even if she isn't aware he's doing it.

I really like how they are showing our stitcher team doing normal/routine things every single person does instead of just focusing solely on the program. They're doing a great job out giving all the characters personalities beyond what they do for a living.

Kirsten: [answering her cellphone] What?!
Cameron: So that's how you answer the phone? Where's my cheery hello?
Kirsten: I don't do cheery.

This may be the first time Kirsten and Detective Fisher have thought the same thing regarding a case. When Detective Fisher was explaining how Cameron could have been the initial target, it did make sense.

Cameron's paranoia when going into work and thinking one of his colleagues had something to do with the murder of his neighbor, Robbie, was entertaining to watch.

Did you hear the shooter say anything? Like [in a deep voice] these bullets are meant for you Cameron?


The guilt Cameron felt from what happened to Marta reared it's ugly head when Kirsten was stitched into Robbie's memories. It was odd seeing Cameron off his game when Kirsten was being stitched, and you couldn't help but feel bad for the guy, especially at the time he was thinking he was the intended target.

Turns out, Ronnie was a peeping tom, and that's what got him killed.

Maggie: So our victim was a voyeur.
Camille: Fancy word for pervert.

Adding Detective Fisher into the stitcher program was such a smart move. He adds a different dynamic to the team, and I really enjoyed how involved he was in the main case tonight.

It has also become clear he sees Kirsten as an equal, and he definitely won't be surprised when she proves him, and his department, wrong about ruling Ed's death as a suicide.

Camille: Check it, Fisher likes sprinkles.
Detective Fisher: Don't judge me.

You knew, when they were beginning to spy on Cameron's neighbors, that it would lead to at least one blunder; though it was pretty funny watching Detective Fisher going into cop mode and bursting into the guys apartment. Unfortunately, he was just painting.

At least it offered insight into who Robbie was. He seemed like a decent guy who was just trying to help people out – way to use the peeping tom thing for good. 

Cameron opening up to Kirsten and showing her what happened to Marta, while explaining why he's acting weird, was a welcomed surprise. Kirsten is slowly understanding emotions and feelings, and she was the perfect person for Cameron to open up to, plus she now has a better understanding of what's going through Cameron's head.

Cameron can't risk losing another person – there's now going to be a better level of trust between him and Kirsten thanks to the talk.

Kirsten: What went wrong?
Cameron: Marta stayed in too long. She couldn't make the bounce by herself and by the time I got her out, it was too late.
Kirsten: She died?
Cameron: No, but she was damaged. She's been in a coma for the last four months.
Kirsten: It was an accident. [pausing and looking at Cameron] It wasn't your fault.
Cameron: I can't risk anything like that happening again. [looking at Kirsten] I can't risk you.

It didn't surprise me at all when Kirsten started knocking down the plaster over the apartment to get the answers she was after regarding Robbie's killer, who turned out to be part of a human trafficking ring. The most intriguing moment happened at the very end of the episode when Kirsten went to get Cameron, who was fresh out of the shower.

She was not only blatantly admiring the scar on his chest, but I'm pretty sure she was starting to have some feelings for our dear Cameron.

Unfortunately there was no talk of Marta waking up. However, it seems pretty clear by the previews they're going to dive right into Marta's story, and truth about the stitcher program will start to come out.

The person watching Kirsten has to be her dad, right? Do you think Linus and Camille will continue a relationship, despite Camille wanting to be single? What do you think is up with Cameron's scar?

Don't feel bad if you missed this exciting episode. You can watch Stitchers online now via TV Fanatic and come back to let us know what you think.

I See You Review

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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Did you hear the shooter say anything? Like [in a deep voice] these bullets are meant for you Cameron?


Kirsten: [answering her cellphone] What?!
Cameron: So that's how you answer the phone? Where's my cheery hello?
Kirsten: I don't do cheery.