Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Creatures of the Night

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On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 1, senior year is off to a frightening start as we glimpse into the pack's future, or rather the lack thereof.

Each Teen Wolf premiere is like a reset. It carries over some elements of the previous year, but launches entirely new storylines with little resemblance to prior seasons.

The good news is each season feels fresh. It's easy to jump into Teen Wolf Season 5 if you've missed the previous four. The bad news is season premieres can feel disjointed and illogical.

Lydia on Wolf

Why is Lydia in Eichen House? Why can she suddenly fight like Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Why does her banshee scream create a powerful force field that knocks down her opponents? Questions like these are typical of a Teen Wolf  premiere. New season. New mystery. That's the good.

Lydia's abilities come out of nowhere. They are confusing and illogical. That's the bad. However, it's almost as if Teen Wolf Season 5 anticipated the outcry of "Boo! Logic fail!" Lydia's stay in Eichen House is present time. The premiere episode is a flashback. We're suppose to be confused!

As the episode unfolds, the pack struggles to reunite for Senior Scribe during a powerful storm. Storms in Beacon Hills are never good. This one doesn't disappoint. Why don't they all just stay inside? It's baffling.

A powerful new werewolf is on the prowl, hoping to steal Scott's "true alpha" power. The werewolf attacks both Scott and seems successful in the attempt. But this is Teen Wolf Season 5.

It's Scott's show and nobody steals his power. Especially not some newbie werewolf and not in the premiere. Teen Wolf Season 5 does maintain some consistency. Scott gives the werewolf the ass kicking he deserves. He runs off with his tail between his legs.

It leads to the potential season Big Bad. What are those things? I don't even know what to call them. Robot Werewolves? Robot Monsters? They are so terrifying I can't even conjure a name to do them justice. All I know is they are freaky. They also don't believe in second chances. Harsh and judgmental. A winning combination. 

Stiles spends most of the episode anxious. Oh Stiles...I've missed you. Your anxiety is like a warm blanket in the cold. Consistency is reassuring. Never change buddy.

Stiles is worried he and Scott will grow apart after senior year. Rather than focus on where he's going to school, Stiles obsesses where he and Scott will live. The plan ensures no matter where they go to college they will be together. It's sweet, loyal and endearing. The Stiles Stilinski wheelhouse. 

Scott: We've been pretty much in the middle for awhile. Which means at some point the scale has to tip one way or the other. Things are going to get really good again-
Stiles: Or really bad.

Scott is less concerned with what happens after senior year and is more concerned with surviving senior year. He's worried the cosmic balance will shift directions. Things are about to get really good or really bad. Scott knows what's up. Why? Because he's lived in Beacon Hills the last five years. So, he should know discussing the cosmic balance in any way jinxes the pack.

Scott's anxiety over the present balances against Stiles' anxiety over the future. They are the perfect pair. Stiles and Scott forever. I'm with Stiles. This is a bromance that cannot end.

The boys reunite with the girls. Scott finds Kira in a traffic jam and they share a romantic rain kiss. We're up to rain kiss already? Teen Wolf Season 5 isn't wasting anytime with Scott and Kira!

Malia passes summer school and is officially a senior. I wasn't too worried about this. It's TV law that all juniors must become seniors regardless of grades. No need for Teen Wolf Season 5 to buck a 20 year trend. 

Lydia, looking remarkably sane and gurney free, joins the rest of the pack and they attend Senior Scribe. Each of them writes their initials on a library shelf. It's 100% vandalism and 100% awesome.

Malia chose T for Tate, making a strong statement about who she is; i.e not Peter Hale's daughter.

Scott writes Allison's initials underneath his. Yes, I choked up. Allison is always with Scott. Seeing her name, in permanent marker next to Scott's, gives a permanency their love story never achieved. Her name is with the rest of the pack's initials. Gone, but not forgotten.

Did you enjoy the warm and fuzzy moments? Good. Because they are over. The episode flashes back to present time. Lydia is strapped to a gurney. Her hallucination, Aiden, dissipates to reality. Her doctor continually asks what happened to her friends.

Please! I have to tell them. They are all going to die. My friends. They're all going to die.


As Lydia struggles to remember, we glimpse the pack's future. It doesn't look bright. Each pack member is in peril or potentially dead. Then the doctor starts drilling into Lydia's head. If you weren't sufficiently freaked by Robot Monsters or the flashbacks, then hopefully the drilling did the trick. 

It begs the question...who will survive? Teen Wolf has a strong history of killing off cast members whenever necessary, so nobody is ever really safe. Teen Wolf Season 5 will not be any different. 

Watch Teen Wolf online to catch up on previous Beacon Hill victims.

Creatures of the Night Review

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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Please! I have to tell them. They are all going to die. My friends. They're all going to die.


Scott: We've been pretty much in the middle for awhile. Which means at some point the scale has to tip one way or the other. Things are going to get really good again-
Stiles: Or really bad.