The Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 Episode 10 Review: Pop of Crazy

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Seriously folks. Just leave Bethenny alone.

She doesn’t want your help or your hugs or your meatballs. She’s fine, just fine… when she’s not breaking down in tears and we recap it all in our The Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 Episode 10 +/- review...

Actually Bethenny is fine with about half of the Housewives. She and Ramona have bonded. She and LuAnn fight it out then make up and Dorinda just doesn’t seem to care enough to be bothered one way or the other. Plus 25.

But Heather sees the wounded bird in Bethenny and must try and fix the broken wing, then she’s ticked off when she gets pecked on the hand. If Bethenny had asked for Heather’s help she’d be all in but ask Heather to walk away and she can’t seem to it. Minus 13

Heather isn’t the only woman Bethenny’s having issues with. Carole obviously isn’t her biggest fan or else she wouldn’t have gone running to Kristen to tattle that Bethenny called her stupid for not trademarking her Pop of Color nail polish line. Is Carole that devious and trying to cause trouble or that dumb that she didn't think it would? Minus 20.

And can you handle the suspense? Is Pop of Color trademarked? Is it not? Kristen honestly didn’t look like she had a clue. It was clear that this was Josh’s idea and Kristen is just the pretty face on the product line. Minus 18.

At least we can be thankful that the nail polish colors won’t have obnoxious names like thrust, slide and the dangler. Plus 43. We’re guessing that sex starved Carole’s boy toy is still vacationing in Central America. 

The funniest moment of the night was the look on Kristen's face when Bethenny walked out on her mid-tirade. Plus 30. Wow! What a way to tell Kristen she doesn't matter without having to say anything at all. 

Elsewhere Bethenny invites Sonja to her Skinny Girl Branding Summit where there isn’t any Skinny Girl creamer for the coffee. We have no doubt that heads will roll at the Essex House. 

Bethenny’s everywhere in this episode. She, Dorinda, Carole and Ramona head out for steaks and martinis but Ramona’s bummed that there isn’t enough eye candy in the restaurant. She’s definitely on the prowl, but not for threesomes. Leave those for Carole who seems ready, willing and able for most anything. 

Ramona’s thrilled that Avery is back for winter break but terribly disappointed when the girl has to finish a paper for school instead of going out on the town. Minus 22 because Ramona would rather hear about the cute boy she sat next to on the plane than how her daughter’s studies are going. 

Of course, plus 50 to Avery, who is trying hard to stay out of her parent’s disastrous relationship. Will Mario and Ramona get back together? Does Ramona even want that any more with so many other options in the big city? 

And who will end up in tears over a trip to Turks and Caicos? Tune in next week to find out.

Episode total = +75! Season total = -318

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Pop of Crazy Review

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