Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 2 Review: The Age of Consent

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Will what happened in Bermuda stay in Bermuda?

Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 2 found April dragging her best friend on vacation, but I think we all knew that the drama would follow them. 

I get that April is trying to chase life and all, but she made some really stupid decisions. You don't take your engagement ring off on vacation and most importantly, you don't take a freaking vacation from your engagement. 

There, I said it. April has a lot to think about right now, but I think "The Age of Consent" proved that she is not ready for marriage. She obviously wants to live her life a little, but that won't fly with Leo and I wouldn't blame him if he decided to take a break from her. That is if he finds out what went down. The kiss April shared with the British dude was innocent enough, but it could have been easily avoided had she not taken her ring off. 

Beth really grated on my nerves. If her conference call was THAT important, she should have made sure her phone was charged enough to have an alarm wake her up. She can't just throw all the blame on to her BFF. That's totally not cool. Beth should have known her limit with the alcohol and should have made sure to be home at a respectable hour. On the other hand, best friends do have their arguments in real life and a lot of shows fail to show that. 

Danny: What was that for?
Girl: It's better than letting you keep talking.

I feel bad for Sara. Her back is essentially against the wall and she knows that she has to fund April's treatment. That completely overshadows Brenna's time at her private school. With April, it could be a matter of life and death, so Brenna should really think about that before giving her mother a difficult time. 

Brenna's desire to use her college fund will come back to bite her because if things get serious with this college chick, then she will most certainly be wanting to go and then she'll have used up all her funds and may not be able to go. 

Brenna's storyline this season is one of the more interesting ones and I'm loving her new creative edge. She may have had a turbulent past, but now that she knows who she is and what she wants in, it's doing her character a lot of favors. Brenna really has changed the most since the series premiere and I couldn't be happier. 

Dominic: It's complicated.
Natalie: Not for me.

Elsewhere, Dom and Natalie officially called it quits. We all knew this was coming, so it doesn't come as much of a shock. It was a good twist that the girl he brought home just wanted a quick one with him. She crushed his dreams of making her breakfast and it made him realize that he's over one night stands and wants to actually get to know a girl. I wonder how April will feel about all of this. Will he ever confide in her?

"The Age of Consent" was a decent episode. There was a complete lack of Scott Michael Foster, but he's probably busy in his new role over on ABC'S Blood & Oil. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Emma's comments continue to make me chuckle. She brings so much comic relief to this show and I couldn't imagine it without her. 
  • Did anyone else feel bad for Natalie because April didn't want her tagging along on vacation? That could have been some good bonding time for the sisters. 
  • When did Danny and Dom start this whole bromance? I'm digging it. 

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What did you think of the episode? Is April being too reckless? Will Dom confess his feelings soon? Hit the comments below!

Note: Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 3 airs Monday July 20 at 9/8C on ABC Family. 

The Age of Consent Review

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Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Dominic: It's complicated.
Natalie: Not for me.

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