Days of Our Lives Recap: Xander's Back!

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Xander’s on the loose, Clyde bugs Stefano, Sonny comes to a realization, and Eric can’t stop thinking about Nicole on this week’s Days of Our Lives.

So, after strangling Nicole, fighting with Eric, chasing them both at gun point and then locking them in the equivalent of an oven to roast to death, the Salem PD lets Xander walk free. Why am I not surprised?

The worst thing about Xander still being in town is that Serena is right there with him. As I watched Serena bash that elephant statue into pieces, I couldn’t help but think about how many viewers wished they could’ve done the same…weeks ago! Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that smashing that silly statue to dust will be enough to save us from this unending saga.

Eric couldn’t get his steamy moments with Nicole out of his head. He kept insisting that they had to tell Daniel about something that almost happened. Isn’t that a little silly? They were both practically delirious when they kissed and Nicole has made it clear that she loves Daniel. Perhaps Eric wanted it to go farther but, the fact is that it didn’t. Something tells me Eric’s not about to let this go. 

Theresa got a rude awakening when she moved into the Kiriakis mansion and tried to order around the staff.  First, Brady had to talk Uncle Victor down off the ledge as he was less than happy to have Kimberly Donovan’s crazy daughter under his roof…

It's not just her. Pretty soon you may be dealing with her whole family. That imbecilic mother, the slatternly sister. My god, it's like living in an episode of Honey Boo Boo.


Then Theresa learned that Maggie’s not quite pushover she assumed. Victor being so proud of Maggie for giving Theresa hell was a really cute moment. Maggie was quick to put Theresa in her place. At best, Theresa can expect civility if she minds her manners. At worst…I don’t think Theresa really wants to know how bad this can get…

Theresa: Maggie, that hand to hand combat thing? You're not so bad at it yourself.
Maggie: I just think it's easier for people to get along when the rules are clear.

Between Xander going on a murderous rampage and having to deal with the woman who almost beat John to death with a fireplace poker (and I loved the references to having Henderson remove those very tools from the premises once Theresa moved in) I practically felt sorry for Victor. As he said himself in this Days of Our Lives quote, he was having a bad week…

I don't want to talk anymore about my psychopathic nephew, not on the day that the psychopathic mother of my great-grandson is moving into my house.


Elsewhere in Salem, Sonny had a revelation about Will when he found out that Paul wasn’t Will’s first affair. There was someone else while he was in LA. With Paul’s help, he realized that Will got married too young and too quickly after finally coming out but, even with therapy, will it be enough to get Will to stop sabotaging their marriage?

Chad continued to pine after Abby. His conversation with Stefano was enlightening. He equated he and Abigail to EJ and Sami and told his father he never wanted Abigail to become as hardened as Sami because that’s what it would take for her to live in the DiMera mansion. So, does that mean that Chad broke up with Abigail because he knew she was going back to Ben or because he was afraid of what being involved with a DiMera would do to her?

But Abigail may be in a dangerous situation no matter which man she chooses. Now that Ben has told Clyde about her affair with Chad, Abby may be in more peril than she realizes. 

One of the best scenes of the week was the conversation between Chad and Marlena. I loved how they discussed Stefano’s return to Salem with such dark humor…

He hasn't threatened to kill me lately so I guess I’m ahead.


I really hope these two continue to talk and, hopefully, Chad eventually feels comfortable enough to share some of his feelings about Abigail. It would do him good to have someone to talk to about that. 

Justin blindsided Adrienne with divorce papers. I couldn’t believe he thought he was being the better spouse because his affair took place thousands of miles away and that he tried to be discreet. What crap! I’m glad Adrienne called him out on it. Every week the pendulum on this relationship swings back and forth. One moment I hope they reconcile, the next I hope Adrienne walks away for good. 

Eve stole Laura’s file from Marlena’s office. How she plans to use Jennifer’s family history of mental health issues is anyone’s guess but no doubt it won’t be good. A mystery man was stalking JJ while Kyle tried to woo him back to the dark side of his drug dealing days and Paige appeared to have a plan to hook up with older men she meets online. What could go wrong there?

Now it’s your turn TV Fanatics. With whom would you like to see Abigail romantically paired?

And don't forget to check back in on Sunday to hear what our Days of Our Lives round table team has to say about the events of the week. 

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