Defiance Season 3 Episode 5 Review: History Rhymes

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Tonight's episode gave us sex, drugs, and violence... And that was just watching Stahma and Datak!

One thing you have to credit to Defiance Season 3 Episode 5 over, is that no major character was killed off or written out (for a pleasant change). Not to say I wasn't worried for a few minutes at the end that Irisa might be leaving, but those fears died away pretty quickly.

A Decisive Attack - Defiance

The amount of pseudo-nudity and violence (such as Alak's cord-wood chopping) was a bit more than I expected. Sure Jaime Murray was in a body suit, but it was glued down pretty damn well in places leaving curves we could see.

That aside, the part of the story I really wanted to know more about was the memories that Nolan and Irisa were being pulled into. Clearly they were fully conscious inside the memory. And I think we all agree they were being pulled to specific memories for a reason, we just didn't get clarification on what that reason was.

What did you think of Nolan's lesson to Irisa about the Casti bounty hunter? My normal reaction was that shooting him in cold blood was wrong, but then I remembered that this is a time where weakness will get you killed pretty quickly and I was more OK with it.

That being said, I absolutely hate this story path they have Irisa on of rejecting violence and trying to show that she wasn't violent as a child; that Nolan "trained" it into her. The the whole thing I say shenanigans! Irisa was one of the most bad-ass hunters in Defiance Season 1 and it was clear she was not only good at it but almost enjoyed it too much.

Now they are trying to say that she was a peace loving child that Nolan scared into becoming the hunter she is? This is almost worst that all of the characters who have gotten purged from the show!

However, as Alak has made it home, I'm willing to give it a few more episodes before I get too upset, as I really want to know how Stahma gets out of the pickle she's in with Alak holding a knife to her throat. I guess we will have to wait until Defiance Season 3 Episode 6.

Oh, and let's not forget that Nolan and Irisa now must stay within a mile of each other as Doc Yewll didn't remove the Ark-tech. Can you imagine how small of space that really is? If not, I challenge you to try and stay within a mile of someone and watch how quickly you must coordinate with them not to get too far away.

At least we know Nolan and Irisa will survive together or leave the show together.

What did you think "History Rythmes"? Am I being too hard on the writers by wanting the less complicated (and less whiny) "hunter" Irisa back? Or maybe I should try and be patient a little longer and see what grows as the season goes on?  Sound off below and remember you can watch Defiance online now.

History Rhymes Review

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Defiance Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Datak: Why would T'evgin help us?
Stahma: Must I draw you a chart?
Datak: Contrary to what you think, darling, your chivo is not magic.
Stahma: On many occasions, you've said different.

Stahma: I poisoned him with enough swimbo to kill a bell beast.
Datak: But is the Omec dead? No. He's at home smelling my wife on his fingers and chuckling about how he cuckolded Datak Tarr!
Stahma: I doubt T'evgin knows your name.