Humans Season 1 Episode 3 Review: 1.3

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Will George ever be able to find Odi?

Humans Season 1 Episode 3 found George reaching breaking point as he struggled to cope with his new synth and went to desperate measures in order to see Odi again. 

My main gripe with this storyline has got to be George letting Odi drive. Doesn't he remember the drama caused in the supermarket back in Humans Season 1 Episode 1? Then there's another theory, what if George knew the consequences and was prepared to die?

Fred Is Questioned - Humans

We could be on to a winner. I completely understand his struggle to let this new synth into his life. The scene with him locking her in the room was hilarious, but I think if she wanted to be bad, she could and we'll probably be witnessing her mean streak some time soon. Considering the way George and Odi's story concluded this week, George will be trying his best to find him. 

There wasn't much drama for the Hawkins family this time round. Anita managed to solidify her place as their synth just in time. Her attention to detail is second to none and it helped her save Toby from being badly hurt. Sure, it was a little predictable that an obstacle that would allow her to stay with the Hawkins would arise before she was sent packing. 

Laura surprised me A LOT this week. She took a step back and thought everything through, rather than jumping to conclusions. To date, she has been one of the weaker characters, but she was rather unpredictable tonight. I expected her to go crazy when Sophie told her the truth about why she was telling her the bedtime story. The truce between the two of them lasted mere minutes before more drama popped up. 

The scene with Joe and Anita was so freaking awkward. He could have conducted the examination in the house, rather than look sketchy and as if he never heard Toby at the door hoping to get a glimpse of Anita naked.

Mattie continued to be annoying, but she should become more integrated to the story since she sent all of those files from Anita to the internet. She knows that something bad will happen and she has taken a massive risk. I don't blame her after Anita's outburst. 

Something isn't quite right with Anita and Niska. They aren't sharing information with other synths and there's got to be an reason why. Niska continued to try leave her sordid past few months behind her, but I think her emotional pain has turned her into a killer. I knew she was going to at least attempt to killer the guy who picked her up, but that was because she thought he was a one night stand kind of guy. 

As we approach the halfway point, Humans is continuing to be a compelling enough drama to keep me tuned in. There are a lot of characters that don't serve much purpose at the moment, but this will probably be addressed in the second half of Humans Season 1. 

All things considered, this was a decent episode. It was a lot slower than last week, but I'm getting the feeling this is the calm before the storm since Niska has reunited with Leo and they have a rough idea where Anita is. 

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Note: Humans Season 1 Episode 4 airs Sunday 19 July at 9/8C on AMC. 

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