Manhattan Season 2 Gets a Premiere Date!

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Mark your calendars! Manhattan Season 2 will premiere on Tuesday, October 13 at 9/8c. 

The second season will explore one of the most defining moments in history, the Trinity Test, marking the first detonation of an atomic weapon, which took place on July 16, 1945 – 70 years ago this coming Thursday.

Manhattan Season 2 Cast

According to WGN America, the new season of “Manhattan” will once again take viewers inside the world's most secretive city where, locked away, the scientists and their families surrender their freedoms, compromise their marriages, and even sacrifice their sanity to end one war and usher in another – the Cold War waiting just over the atomic horizon – all while embedded spies and a climate of paranoia threaten to destroy the project from within.

The renowned ensemble cast includes John Benjamin Hickey, Olivia Williams, Ashley Zukerman, Rachel Brosnahan, William Petersen, Katja Herbers, Christopher Denham, Harry Lloyd, Michael Chernus, Mamie Gummer and Griffin Dunne.

If you missed any of the first season of Manhattan, you can watch Manhattan online to catch up.

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