Peter Facinelli Joins Supergirl as Maxwell Lord

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Peter Facinelli is joining Supergirl in the pivotal role of Maxwell Lord.

This news was delivered in a packed Comic Con panel in Hall H this Saturday to devoted fans. It's even more exciting considering where the Lord character has been in the comics and what's going on in the world of superheroes these days.

Lord was once known to use his powers to influence Superman to beat up both Batman and Wonder Woman.

Peter Facinelli

In the world of Supergirl, however, Lord will be a green, tech billionaire who not only enjoys a friendly rivalry with Cat Grant, but is fascinated by Supergirl.

Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg said, "Greg [Berlanti], Ali [Adler] and I have been fans of Peter for years. We’re beyond thrilled to have him join us on Supergirl’s first adventures bringing the iconic Maxwell Lord to life." 

Executive Producer Berlanti added, "I’ve been lucky enough to participate in shows with male leads at their center. I felt it was time for a female to be at the center of the show. You don’t get opportunities to do such projects as this, and you’d be ashamed to not participate in something like this."

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