Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Is ChArles Superhuman?

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Did they seriously not catch him? 

On Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 7, pretty much half of Rosewood came up against Charles, but they couldn't catch him. Yes, we are annoyed Pretty Little Liars fanatics. 

TV Fanatics Winston Rice and Paul Dailly are joined by super fans, Aly and Meaghan. Read on as they discuss that controversial scene, Hanna's scholarship and whether Spencer will run into Dean's arms. 

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Not one person managed to catch Charles. React.

Winston: Lame. The whole scene was ridiculous. There were like 15 people there and not one person ran after him/her? And don’t even get me started on Spencer's gummy bears. I’m not sure why Toby just stole them without even asking. Don’t take what’s not yours, Officer Toby! That was a terrible plot device to use as the explanation for why they weren’t able to catch Charles.

Aly: This was in no way surprising to me; it seems very typical to PLL at this point. Plus, everyone ruined the plan Jason had in which we could have possibly found out who Charles was.

Meaghan: Charles is clearly a superhuman. I mean honestly he took on the Liars, Jason and Rosewood's finest and still managed to get away without that hood ever even falling down. Maybe Rosewood PD should have their police academy be longer than two weeks, then they might actually catch criminals. Winston, I totally agree with you on the gummy bears situation. Why did Toby feel the need to steal gummy bears from his girlfriend? Does he make that little as a police officer that he has to steal candy? Plus the fact that his high seemed more like an acid trip than a high from weed. So ridiculous!  

Paul: It was ridiculous. I'd have preferred if that scene was just cut altogether. The gals have shown how not stupid they can be this season, but this just frustrated me on so many levels.

Was Kenneth right to run off with Ali?

Winston: Any good father would do anything to protect his family. But I’m not entirely sure why Kenneth didn’t do more to try and get Jason out of town. He was able to force Ali into the car, but not Jason? I know he’s not Jason’s father, but he should’ve tried a little bit harder!

Aly: It makes sense to want to leave town, but they should not have left Jason there alone, and Ali shouldn't have been the one who had to alert the police to the situation. He could have also put Ali in danger since he got a note that Charles was coming for just him, yet he brought Ali with him. Clearly Kenneth doesn't trust the police at all, yet he has them camped out in front of his house.

Meaghan: I will give Kenneth points for trying to be a good dad, but kidnapping your daughter might not be the best solution. Like Aly said, Kenneth should have been the ones to call the police not Ali. I don't know what it is about the characters on this show that make them think that they are capable of handling these types of situations, especially given their track records.

Paul: Kenneth really doesn't care about Jason. He isn't blood related to him, so as far as he's concerned, he has not ties to the kid. In a way, he was right. It's not as if Rosewood PD would have been much help, but what's the point in running? Charles has proven he is smarter than that.

Will Spencer run to Dean now that Toby is pissed with her?

Winston: Doubtful. There’s only three episodes left until the flash forward, and I don’t think they would force this new relationship upon us so quickly. And just how pissed at Spencer will Toby be and for how long? I expect him to disappear for an episode, then reemerge willing to forgive her like always.

Aly: I hope not, but this seems to be her style; she has done it before with Wren.

Meaghan: If Spoby can't get past the gummy bear incident, then they really need to break up already and get it over with. These girls have no conflict resolution ability when it comes to their relationships. Every time they get into a fight with their significant other, they run off to some new random guy. Like Winston said, we are so close to the time jump so I hope this will not be the case this time but with the way things usually go on this show, I wouldn't put it past them.

Paul: As much as I'd like Dean to stick around, he's purely being used to disrupt Spoby, and I can't allow that, so he has to go.

Hanna got her scholarship. React.

Winston: Yay! I don’t care where the money came from, I want Hanna to achieve every last dream she wants. But the question is...does she need college to achieve them?

Aly: I agree with her skepticism of the money, and it also makes me question the real reason that Jessica DiLaurentis hired Ashley to work for her. Allegedly, "Ali told her to do it in a dream," and now Jason suggested this scholarship. I want Hanna to be able to afford college, but this money might be dangerous.

Meaghan: If the check clears, Hanna, don't bother questioning it. Just take the money, and run far away from Rosewood, but please take Caleb with you.

Paul: We all know something isn't right with that money. Her mother is deluded to think that anything in Rosewood comes without strings attached. 

Will Mike and Mona ever get back together?

Winston: For all intents and purposes, they are back together. That’s about as much of a relationship as Mona can offer anyone.

Aly: I hope so, and it looked like a possibility in this episode now that Mona stopped shutting Mike out.

Meaghan: These two are an absolutely adorable couple so I am happy that they kissed and made up. However, I don't foresee it lasting. Either Mona isn't going to make it through the time jump or they will break up at some point seeing as Mike is now on Teen Wolf.

Paul: Possibly. It all depends on what her real part in this sick game has been.

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