Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Is Reese a DiLaurentis?

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Is A friends with someone who wears a read coat?

On Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 8, A was clearly working with red coat, but is everything as it seems?

Below, TV Fanatic Paul Dailly is joined by Meaghan and Aly, as they discuss Ali breaking the law, if Reese is a DiLaurentis and what they expect to happen at prom....

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Alison breaking into Rosewood PD. React!

Meaghan: I can't say I really blame Ali here. She was really struggling with the idea that her brother, who she never got to know, is a psychotic stalker. She needed to find a way to make herself understand it. Rosewood PD should be ashamed of themselves though. A 17/18 year old girl was able to break in with no issues. Time to up the security, guys.

Aly: As someone who writes about the broken laws in PLL, I was very happy about this. I also enjoyed seeing some of the old, snarky Alison that we all remember. I felt bad for Lorenzo, though. I understand why Ali did what she did, but these girls are very precarious about doing things that can land them right back in jail.  As Meaghan mentioned, it's ridiculous that she was able to get as far as she did. 

Paul: It just shows how lax the police department really is. I can respect that she's curious about what's been going on, but she needs to remember the terror Charles has put her friends and family through. Justice needs to be served.

How sketchy is Clarke?

Meaghan: Is he a random new character interested in one of the Liars? OK, then by default that makes him sketchy as can be. Anyone who takes a liking to one of the girls is messed up in some way. However, I don't think Clarke has any role in the A storyline. His secret meeting with Reese, the other newest red herring, probably had something to do with his photography.

Aly: I agree with Meaghan; it is ridiculous that nobody on this show can make a friend or even an acquaintance without that person becoming the next A suspect. I also don't think Clarke will end up involved in the A story, except as perhaps someone who was hired by A to take those photos of Aria.

Paul: I agree with Meaghan and Aly here. I'm surprised there hasn't been a book released with every suspect on the show and why they are a suspect.

Will Lorenzo and Ali make it up?

Meaghan: I am surprised to say that I really hope so. Normally I am not a fan of the creepy older men of Rosewood going after the teenage girls, but with Lorenzo I will make an exception. I think Lorenzo is really good for Ali, and she could use someone like him in her life right now.

Aly: I hope so. What Ali did was wrong, but unlike the other girls, she has gone years without any romantic relationship that we know of. She seems to be trying to become a better person, and I hope she gets another chance. 

Paul: He is good for her, so I hope so. Ali could quite easily revert to her default setting and be a bitch to everyone again.

Is Reese REALLY a DiLaurentis?

Meaghan: No chance. Yes from far away he really looks like Jason, but up close, I didn't think so. I think the whole point in Reese being brought in is to be a Jason lookalike. When Tanner was watching the surveillance video at the end, I think we were supposed to assume it was Reese but I am betting it was Jason, hence why we weren't directly shown a face? My bet is on Jason having multiple personalities, one of which is Charles which he took on after Charles died.

Aly: If he is, it's hard to believe that he wouldn't be Charles. I would not appreciate another surprise DiLaurentis family member. I also don't think he is related to them at all; I have thought for a long time that Jason has dissociative personality disorder, and I have multiple theories on this. I think there's a reason for these lookalikes, but it's not that there are a bunch of random DiLaurentis people we have never met are roaming around Rosewood. This likely involves Jason in a way we don't expect. 

Paul: Nope. This has got to be the most frustrating development on the show to date. As if they would introduce Charles before the finale. We've been burned by the producers of this show before, so it won't happen again.

What do you expect to go down at prom?

Meaghan: There will be random people lurking around in masks whose faces we won't get to see. There will be dancing during which the girls will choose to have super important conversations with their significant others. The episode will end with the girls coming face to face with A, but we won't get to see them. Instead we will just be left with their shocked faces and gasps in true PLL penultimate episode fashion. 

Aly: Up until recently, I believed that we would actually see Charles's face, but now I am in agreement with Meaghan that the girls might get answers and we might be stuck waiting to find out what they are. I hope we find out why none of the promotional photos have included Caleb also! 

Paul: I expect there to be A LOT of sketchy people there for starters. I also expect Ali to try to find Charles, but will she emerge victorious?

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