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It's all about family on Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 2 as Andy considers walking away from Sam after hearing that Marlo is having his baby. Andy confides in Traci that she's devastated and she doesn't know what to do. 

But the case of a missing girl gets her focused back on work as 16-year-old Hayley Hill disappeared after going to the store for milk.

Turns out that she and her boyfriend had hoped to run away from her controlling father. Not only did Lloyd, her dad, control what she wore and who she saw, he even poisoned her dog to teach her a lesson and locked her in the garage at night.

Andy takes the lead in convincing the mother to take control of her own family, even if it is far from perfect. After an assault, an arrest and a horrifying murder attempt, mom decides to do just that. It all helps Andy figure out exactly what she has to do concerning her future with Sam.

Elsewhere at 15 Division, Dov and Marlo continue their investigation into the evidence room bombing only to find that the evidence takes a shocking turn. 

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