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There were plenty of surprises in Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 6 as a drive-by shooting caused a rift between Gail and Steve, Juliet's true purpose came to light and Sam had a romantic weekend planned for Andy. 

Steve and Gail were finally getting close as he had her back with Sophie's case worker, unfortunately the investigation into a drive-by shooting made him feel as though his sister didn't have his. Gail may have done the right thing and arrested the right man, but Steve didn't see it that way. 

Elsewhere, Noelle returned to say hi to all her friends at the Community Baseball game but thankfully left before the shooting began. Turned out she had a special connection to one of the players, Juliet Moore which led to an enlightening conversation about the members of 15 Division. 

Sam and Andy headed back to Oliver's fishing cabin for a romantic weekend but things proved challenging when they encountered poison ivy and an animal break in. After spending much of their time cleaning up the disaster, Sam couldn't help but remark how he was still happy because they were together. 

Then he got down on one knee and proposed!

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Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

You ever notice the more you try to avoid somebody the hotter she looks?


I'm having Jamie flashbacks. She's still stalking me. Every time I see her it's like she's lost more of her marbles and I half think they're falling into her bra, I swear to God.