Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Home Run

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Things finally came to a head in ways both expected and shocking on Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 6, and calling it a “Home Run” could be considered an understatement. 

Gail and Steve. We’ve seen so little of this brother and sister duo that it was wonderful to simply watch them share scenes together. Having Gail throw her arms around her brother to thank him for helping her with Sophie’s case worker was a really sweet moment. 

And then it all went to hell. 

Gail didn’t do anything wrong. She followed her instincts and the evidence and she arrested the right man, but Steve didn’t see it that way. Steve had the guilt of Boz slipping through his fingers weighing on him, and he thought he could finally fix it. Putting Boz away would have made a lot of people happy, but in this instance, Boz wasn’t the guilty party.

Gail did the right thing, even if Steve can’t see it right now and it was heartbreaking to watch their newly found warmth disintegrate so quickly. 

Juliet and Noelle. Noelle was back! It was like visiting with an old friend, and I loved that she was in charge of the Internal Affairs investigation into the evidence room bombing. It was a nice touch to have Noelle be the person that Sam called when he needed someone he could trust. 

That Juliet was a mole for Internal Affairs was no shock whatsoever. Most fans had guessed that at the start of the season, but it didn’t lessen the fun of having her list the suspects for Noelle and get feedback. Chris has traded one addiction for another in crazy Jamie and Juliet was spot on in her assessment of Duncan in this Rookie Blue quote

Well, we can't ignore Duncan Moore. He's dumb as a bag of hammers but he's also got step-daddy issues.


Unfortunately, I doubt he’s the bomber. Unfortunately, the name at the top of the list is Oliver Shaw! I kind of expected things weren’t headed in a good direction for Shaw when he had to call in favors to help his daughter, but that occurred long after the bombing. I certainly don’t believe that Oliver’s guilty, so I’m interested in seeing which direction this goes. 

Finally there was Sam and Andy’s romantic weekend gone wrong. I certainly don’t get the whole fishing cabin appeal myself, but McSwarek seem to know how to make the most of it; of course poison ivy and wildlife break-ins turned out to be a challenge even for them. 

When Sam compared it all to their last six-months, I simply thought it was going to be another sweet, romantic moment. He was right. The last six months had been a disaster in many ways, but it’s been wonderful, too, because they’ve gone through it together. 

I was as surprised as Andy when he pulled out the ring. I just didn’t see that coming, but like Andy, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. It was imperfectly perfect and so very McSwarek.

I just hope the poison ivy didn’t ruin the rest of their romantic celebration.

Make sure to check back Monday to see what our Rookie Blue Round Table team has to say, and if you missed a minute or just need to see it again, you can watch Rookie Blue online here at TV Fanatic.

Home Run Review

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