Teen Wolf Season 5 Premiere Round Table: Lydia Takes the Lead

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It's rare for a television show in its fifth season to tread new ground, but that's exactly what Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 1 and Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 2 set out to do.

The two night premiere showcased a new format and a terrifying Big Bad while shining a light on characters previously left in the dark. Change is in the air!

Read on as TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Lindsay Macdonald and Jennifer Knutson discuss Lydia's new superpowers, Scott and Stiles' strained friendship and favorite moments from the premiere. 

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The entire season is a flashback. Are you pro or against the new format and why? 

Paul: I agree with Lindsay that it's rather interesting. It's a similar format Revenge had in earlier seasons and it worked really well, so I'm all for it.

Lindsay: I think it's an interesting new mix up on the tradition Teen Wolf storytelling method that's probably necessary around this time. I think if they play with it too much though, it will get old fast.

Jennifer: We are five seasons in. I was thrilled they were shaking things up. Teen Wolf always constructs their seasons as a mystery, but this season in particular is like a puzzle we are piecing together. It feels more engaging.

Lydia can fight like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and has banshee super powers. React.

Paul: Finally! I knew she had this potential, but it's amazing to finally see her use it to her full advantage. Teen Wolf Season 5 is Lydia's season to shine.

Lindsay: I love that Lydia apparently has mad banshee fighting skills now. I hope we see a good arc of how she develops those because I'm such a Lydia fan, and she has a bad habit of getting sidelined on this show.

Jennifer: Crazy confused where they came from, but thrilled to see Lydia kicking butt. This is one of the flashback's better mysteries. There's no reason why Lydia can't get in on the action. I'm excited to see this side of her explored.

Scott and Stiles have very different perspectives on Theo and trust. It's causing some tension in their friendship. Who do you agree with and why?

Paul: I agree with Lindsay. I do like that we are getting to see another dynamic to these best friends and I'm sure it will make for some interesting storytelling.

Lindsay: I have to agree with Stiles, especially factoring in what we as the audience know of Theo. Scott wouldn't be Scott if he wasn't the most trusting little puppy in the pound, but that why Stiles suits him so well. Someone's got to be the skeptic. 

Jennifer: I adore Scott's open heart, but where Stiles goes so goes my nation. A little caution in their world is not the worst idea. At this point, Theo is looking super evil, so it's difficult not to side with Stiles.

Are the robot monsters/scientists the season Big Bad or is someone else in charge? If so, who do you think it is?

Paul: I think they are a red herring. Has the show just totally ditched the Kate storyline? She could be involved and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

Lindsay: I think they could definitely be a red herring. Too soon to tell if they're the puppet masters or the puppets, but I'd keep my eye on Theo. He seems particularly shady.

Jennifer: This is one format Teen Wolf is sticking with. I think they are a red herring too. I agree with Lindsay – Theo is my prime suspect.

What was your favorite moment from the Teen Wolf Season 5 premiere?

Paul: My favorite moment was the new chick putting gum on Liam's chair. The reaction on his face was hilarious.

Lindsay: Lydia unleashing a can of banshee whoop-ass during her escape attempt. MORE MORE MORE of that please!

Jennifer: I really enjoyed Stiles and Scott's fight. It was incredibly emotional and showed a more complex layer between these life long friends. It was incredibly well acted too. Posey and O'Brien really showed their range.

What Season 5 storyline are you most excited about?

Paul: I'm most excited about Lydia's storyline. It must be a wild journey to end up where she was in the opening minutes.

Lindsay: You know, I feel like this is finally the season where Mama McCall and Sheriff Stilinski get moving on getting together. That slap in Lydia's flashback wasn't for nothing right? That's the one I've got on my books!

Jennifer: I have to go with my boys on this one – the Stiles/Scott bromance. I think there are a lot of changes coming their way and I'm interested to see how their friendship weathers it.

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