The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Achilles

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On The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 5, Cdr Chandler and his crew continue their pursuit of the mercenaries who raided the Solace

The high stakes game of cat and mouse leads to high tensions on both the Nathan James and the rogue submarine, suspected to be the HMS Achilles

The leader of the naturally immune is revealed as Sean Ramsey, who calls his followers The Selected. He was serving on the Achilles before the pandemic, and used it to recruit other naturally immune sailors. He was then able to gain control of Europe. 

The tension is high throughout the hour, as both vessels go silent in order to avoid being detected by the other boat. This suspense was a welcome counterpoint to the action packed gunfights of late, and seems more organic to a show about the Navy.

I really enjoyed the details about how the crew bunkered down in this situation. From everyone in stocking feet to Tex goofing around during a game of solitaire, it was an interesting look at a part of Navy life most of us don't stop to consider. My anxiety level went through the roof when that knife almost hit the floor.

The differences in leadership are highlighted by the crew's reactions to stress. While the crew on the Nathan James handles the crisis coolly, falling back on their training, loud arguments break out on the Achilles. I was surprised that all that shouting didn't give up their position.

The Achilles also shows that her weakness is her crew when the "captain" orders an ill conceived dive, heading through a trench that it is too narrow, damaging the hull. Ramsey isn't an idiot (he showed his smarts when he was able to reasonably guess at Chandler's movements), but he is reckless, relying on his belief that he is chosen to see him through.

When we were first introduced to this group through Sorensen, I wasn't sure if the leader would be a true believer or a manipulative cynic who saw an easy opportunity to gain power. Sean Ramsey turned out to be a bit of both, which will likely turn out to be more dangerous than either possibility alone.

Blessed with the gene. Kept us safe. Two weeks on, this little puppy....we have it all to ourselves. "You're a lucky old git, Sean Ramsey," I says to myself. But then...the...then...I had myself my moment of revelation. I did. It came to me. There weren't no luck. This here, this plague and all, ain't no accident. Design. That's what this is. Design.

Sean Ramsey

I'm curious about Ramsey's reaction should the full extent of Sorensen's involvement in the pandemic be exposed. Having to confront that the pandemic was the fault of man and not divine intervention could provide some interesting internal conflict. Ned already isn't a fan, and Niels could find himself in a very tricky situation.

Slattery had some more significant screen time in "Achilles," a trend which I hope continues. Nobody grunts, growls, or barks orders better than Adam Baldwin, and I'd love to see him get to exercise his wonderful snark a little more often. The friendship between Slattery and Chandler is one of my favorite things.

Lt. Carlton Burk: Why are we wasting out time trying to cut it out of him? We should just throw him overboard.
XO Mike Slattery: That certainly would be the most expedient thing to do.

The plot for the season is now back on track. The "Selected" have a clear goal, and obviously it is the our crew's objective to stop them in the endeavor to wrest control of America. The bombing of the CDC facilities tied up the loophole of the cure already having been distributed, so the mission is once again vital. 

I'm really looking forward to the Nathan James' arrival in Florida in The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 6. One of the weak points of the show (in my view) is all the wasted eye candy. The hot and humid temperatures in the Sunshine State provide the perfect opportunity for the crew to strip down and show some skin. 

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Achilles Review

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The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I'd say go easy on him. But I wouldn't really mean it.

CDR Tom Chandler

Lt. Carlton Burk: Why are we wasting out time trying to cut it out of him? We should just throw him overboard.
XO Mike Slattery: That certainly would be the most expedient thing to do.