The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Alone and Unafraid

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If the current president has been brainwashed into a cult, is that person really fit to lead? 

This is the question that kept coming back to me as I watched The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 7. Well, that and how Niels Sorensen ended up as depraved as he is. There is some seriously twisted stuff happening this season!

Chandler may have been initially relieved to find out someone in the constitutional chain of command had survived, but he's now realizing what a headache this new president is going to be for him.

Michener is a good argument for reassessing line of succession. Unlike Laura Roslin on Battlestar Galactica, he is not showing the ability to step up when catastrophe strikes. Beyond having no faith in his own abilities, he's weak-minded enough to get drawn into Sean's cult.

You are special, young man. You were chosen. Like all of us.

President Jeff Michener

Chandler's going to be walking a fine line with Michner. He's clearly not fit for office, but as far as anybody knows, he has the constitutional authority to become President. However, we shouldn't rule out the possibility of the, I don't know, Secretary of the Interior or something showing up alive and well.

Chandler's commitment to deprogramming Michner seems like it will really be about reminding us that Chandler is a good, noble, righteous man. He's doing his best to follow the law, but there's definitely going to be some deep discussions about intent versus practical application. 

Chandler's statement at the end about what America needs was spot on, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Chandler may have to step into the role himself. I'm curious about how that would play out since the captain doesn't seem like the type to stage a military coup.

This country needs a leader almost as much as it needs a cure.

CDR Tom Chandler

Michner wasn't the only surprise that the SFU encountered during their undercover work though. Danny finally caught up with Sorensen tonight, just in time to stop the most horrifying experiment yet. Seriously, who infects teddy bears? Luckily, no one else in Sean's operation seems smart enough to continue any work that Sorensen may have left behind.

I was surprised by Ned's reaction to Niels. Despite the younger Ramsey brother's gleeful attitude towards violence, he was obviously disturbed by the plan to infect children using cuddly toys. He may have let the plan go forward, but he pointedly didn't participate. 

Danny and Tex's take down of Niels and Ned was great, but my favorite fight of the night (and of the series so far) had to be in the kitchen. I will take people being forced to use forks and meat mallets as weapons over big explosions any day of the week.

Burk and Bavis also shared another of my favorite scenes tonight. The show seems to have generally moved away from the personal lives of the crew, these two being the exception. I'm not sure if they'll ever hook up, or even if I want them to. Burk's puppy dog behavior is adorable.

Don't get your hopes up. That was just an anesthetic.

Lt. Ravit Bavis

I am missing some of the relationships though. There have only been glimpses of Danny and Foster together, and please, please tell me she isn't just going to be pregnant forever. Rachel and Tex have a good dynamic, but you can only tease things for so long before people just give up on a show (I'm looking at you, JAG).

I would gladly give up all the repetitive little arguments on the sub for that. I get that they highlight how Sean's control is tenuous, but it really feels like the same thing every week. The crew are reflections of Sean and Ned. Some are true believers, fanatics, and some are pragmatic opportunists with a vicious streak. 

I think Ian put it best. 

Shut it, you yellow-bellied, whiny wankers.


The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 9 looks like it's going to be pretty intense, with Michener's wrists all bandaged up. Hopefully, Rachel will be able to make some headway on her aerosolization problem. Who wants to put money on the solution coming from an unexpected source? 

The deprogramming is going to hit some roadblocks if the bandages on Michner's wrists are any indication. Slattery is my best guess for crew member who suggests deposing (or disposing) of the President if he doesn't come around to Chandler's point of view.

Watch The Last Ship online and let us know what you think in the comments! 

Alone and Unafraid Review

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The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

This country needs a leader almost as much as it needs a cure.

CDR Tom Chandler

You are special, young man. You were chosen. Like all of us.

President Jeff Michener