The X-Files Revival to Feature The Lone Gunmen!

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You thought the Lone Gunmen were dead, you say? Not so fast!!

Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, and Bruce Harwood were the trio of actors making up the Lone Gunmen, and Haglund confirmed on Twitter today they'll be making an appearance on the six episode revival of The X-Files premiering in January.

Lone Gunmen

The Lone Gunmen not only had their own short-lived series, but met an unfortunate demise during The X-Files Season 9. Of course, if you're a comics fan, you may know it was revealed they faked their own deaths in the official Season 10 comics. Aha!! 

In this world where TV and comics are so interconnected, we see no reason it won't be the case here. After all, the comics were executive-produced by Chris Carter, and who knows the story better?

Of course, they're not the only supposedly dearly departed making a comeback, as the Cigarette Smoking Man was also believed dead and he'll be among the living (or will he?!) when the series continues in 2016.

One thing is certain, the scope of the series grows by the day, and we have a mere six installments coming our way!

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