UnREAL Preview: Breeda Wool Teases Final Episodes, Faith's Journey

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UnREAL is about to close up shop for the year, but what's coming up before production concludes on Everlasting?

I had the pleasure of chatting with Breeda Wool who spoke to me about Faith's journey throughout UnREAL Season 1. She had A LOT to say about reality shows and why Faith joined Everlasting to begin with. 

Is there any hope for Faith to secure her spot on Royal Love? You'll have to read on to find out!

Breeda Wool - UnREAL

TV Fanatic: What can you tell us about the final two episodes of UnREAL?

Breeda Wool: What Can I tell you? I can probably say nothing you think is going to happen is going to happen. The show does a very good job at playing with expectations, and I think people will be really surprised.

TVF: It's been so shocking thus far. The best show of the summer by far. Why do you think Rachel didn't pursue Faith for the win?

BW: Maybe she does. I mean, I haven't been eliminated yet. I mean, if Rachel and Adam start having a real romance, I would be the perfect winner, right?

TVF: That's interesting. Speak a bit about Faith's journey this season.

BW: My journey this season. Well, I think that I'm changed for the best by going on Everlasting. I feel like I get a lot out of all of the qualities that really exploit and sort of ruin the lives of these other contestants. I actually really come out with a lot of revelations about myself and where I'm from, and I think that making me have a small talent was actually this amazing experience for me. I'm still having a great time.

Mary's death is probably going to traumatize me forever, but I think Everlasting actually helped me realize who I am as a person and that was something that was not a negative experience. When some of the other contestants realized who they are, whoever's on the other side of that pressure cooker isn't always a better person for it. Including Rachel and Adam, and now considering the last episode, maybe even Jeremy as well. People are rewarded for the worst sides of them. Especially Rachel on this show. She excels when she highlights these qualities in her that are the most manipulative.

TVF: Has it opened your eyes to what really goes on behind the scenes in reality TV?

BW: When I watch reality TV, I could always see how sort of janky the editing and the storylines and the plots are sometimes often simple and simple and almost like rough narratives, but the thing that wasn't on my radar was the activities of the field producers on reality TV and what it takes for these people to really bring out the best in people, or the worst of people, but the most entertaining qualities in people.

I have these two friends. One who used to work in reality TV and one who still does. They were emotional primers for daytime talk shows, so they would get people riled up before they come on stage. That's why people are really charged up in reality TV shows when they come out on stage, because they've had a little birdie whispering at them all the monumental high stakes issues in their life. It makes for good TV!

TVF: Faith is a much more reserved character as opposed to Victoria who you played in Betas. What's it been like to play Faith as opposed to Victoria?

BW: I had a lot more time with UnREAL, but that doesn't necessarily make any difference, but I think the biggest difference between those two projects and how I felt as an actress was managing power. In UnREAL, my default position is a people pleaser and I basically go around trying to please people. I'm on Everlasting to please my grandmother and community. I get breast implants because they think it'll give me an edge. It's like every single thing that I do is just getting the focus off me, and I wield no power until I do, and in UnREAL, I gain a lot of power over the course of the season and in my heart. Did you notice I actually felt a wild sense of power after I kissed Amy? I was wondering if anyone noticed that. It only lasted on second, but I was like, "I'm boss now." I hope somebody saw that.

In Betas, I deal with money and power and control as a commodity for my work. I mean, my job is to convince very inexperienced young men how to make business decisions, and I make a ton of money in Betas, and I've just really got my life together in that story which, as an actor was actually a lot harder for me to grasp onto that in Betas. I think I identified more with being a fish out of water. The fish out of water story in UnREAL was more similar, and then I went on this show in Canada, and there's lots of really seasoned, incredible actors, and I frequently sort of loop back in the reality of my real situation with the reality of the story.

I don't use my personal experiences at all. When you're on set, any nerves or any discomfort or fear. With Betas, I was a real boss, so if I had any nerves with feeling not tops that day, I had to sort of reorganize my mind to be like, "No, I'm boss."

TVF: Do you have any other projects in the pipeline? 

BW: I have a few things in the pipeline at the moment. I have three feature films in post-production. I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about these other things. Good things coming down the line. I have another film, AWOL, that I just finished finished shooting in January. It's in post-production and it stars Lola Kirke and it's a film that I'm very proud of and I've been working on for many years and I'm really looking forward to it.

TVF: I saw online you were recently working on a pilot. Can you talk a little about that?

BW: I recently worked on an AFI women's directing pilot, which is the same program that the creator of UnREAL came out of, and her short that she made at the end of the AFI women's directing workshop was the inspiration for UnREAL. It was called Sequin Raze. I am a big supporter of that program, and I went and made this little puppet with Jemaine from Flight of The Conchords. He was on it and the director, Mia Lidofsky and she is a very, very cool lady. Jemaine is a very cool, generous, talented man, and I was very excited and slightly star struck to be working with him.

TVF: It's been really nice speaking with you. Thanks so much for answering questions for me today.

Tune into UnREAL Season 1 Episode 9 tonight!

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