Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Betrayal

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The action is back!

Now that the truth is finally out and explained in detail, Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 7 was able to move on to the next chapter of the series. Ethan knows the truth, but what happens now? 

Ethan's reaction was pretty much exactly what I expected as he ran home to tell Theresa. I have a really hard time believing all these kids can keep this monstrous secret to themselves. Ethan running home to tell his wife is what I'd expect all those kids to do with their parents. 

Granted, as an adult, Ethan's believability factor is probably higher than a child's. Kids are used to being accused of having active imaginations and dismissed by adults. Ethan expected his wife to take him seriously, but he has to understand her skepticism. He's seen it all with his own eyes, but she hasn't. If the situation were reversed, he'd think she'd been brainwashed too.

Which is why I said before that it makes sense to show everyone the truth, in small groups and in small doses. Give people a helicopter ride over the wall. Let them see there's nothing out there. Seeing is believing. 

I get it, it's dangerous, but so is letting a small faction of residents attempt to blow up the wall, letting those abbies in. Would that truck have blown up at the end if Ethan had taken Kate and Harold on a helicopter ride? Maybe this all could have been prevented. 

Instead, Ben's life hangs in the balance. I don't know much about explosives, but if this bomb wasn't powerful enough to kill two people in such close proximity, how was it going to take down that wall? The wall is reinforced, right? I suppose if they were just going for a small hole to slip out of, it could have been enough. 

I questioned whether Kate might try to recruit Theresa over to her side and if she would find herself on the opposite side of Ethan. So far she's stuck in the middle, not sure which side to choose. She wants to stick by her husband, but she also doesn't believe that he's himself. It would be interesting if the wife and the mistress end up as allies. 

Theresa is still looking into Plot 33, and we still have no real information on it. She found something metal buried there, but that's it so far. Big Bill still seems pretty adamant about her not snooping around out there. What will she find?

I'm a little confused about how this school is set up. Is there only one teacher? Are all of the kids in the same class, regardless of age? I understand there aren't that many of them, but considering they are woken up at different times, everyone should be in different stages of their education, right? Is this the first time any of them have learned of the importance of procreation in Wayward Pines?

Speaking of, Nurse Pam is in charge of fertility, and she mentions there are two pregnancies. Are these the first two in town? It's obvious Harold and Kate are not interested in procreating as they still believe their lives are out there waiting for them. Chances are plenty of other couples feel the same way, so this is another argument for slowly bringing people in on the truth. Either that or just wait for the kids to grow up and take care of the situation themselves. 

It would be a very different town once the kids are all grown up and the adults who don't know the truth die out. That is, if it ever gets to that point without these resistance factions succeeding first. 

Kate mentioned that Adam Hassler left her a voice mail, which is great because I'm still trying to figure out what his role is in all of this. He's not in the town, but he must have known something. Why didn't Pilcher bring him into Wayward Pines, too? Was anyone else from 2014 involved in some way without actually being selected for hibernation? 

What do you guys think? Is Ben dead? 

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Betrayal Review

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Theresa: You know I have not set foot inside that school or your classroom. Is there a tour or a parent/teacher conference coming up?
Mrs. Fisher: School is for children, Theresa, not their parents. Your job is to feed them and keep them safe, let us do the rest.

Franklin, we don't talk about the past here, you know that. Lighten up, Franklin, I'm just messing with you.