Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Aiden a Bad Guy?

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Aiden proposed to Hope after making and receiving a series of mysterious phone calls, Eve's latest plan may have put Paige in danger and murder came to Salem once again this past week.

Our TV Fanatics Christine Orlando and Jack Ori are joined by Tony and jana from My Hourglass - a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate what Aiden is really up to, Eve's revenge plan and who might have killed Serena.

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Do you think Aiden's secret is as nefarious as it appears to be, or do you think there will be a twist down the line that shows he is a good guy after all?

Jack: ​I'm hoping for a twist. I'm finding it awfully hard to swallow that the entire last year was fake, and I'd like Aiden's character to be redeemed in the end. But with Bo returning it seems likely that this is the direction they're going in, sadly.

Christine: Ugh! I hate this plot. Whatever it is, he’s hidden it from Hope for over a year and says he came to Salem specifically to “get Hope.” Whether he’s evil or not, I believe this is the beginning of the end for Hope and Aiden. 

Jana: I really hope not! I've come to like Aiden and Chase. But Aiden past was always fishy so it's no surprise.

Tony: I think he will eventually be revealed as a good guy. This whole thing is just a clever ruse, and he will turn out all right in the end. 

Do you think Eve is aware that her actions may put her own daughter's life in danger?

Jack: Since she tried to warn Paige to steer clear of Kyle and JJ, I think she's aware on some level. That makes her behavior even more despicable in my eyes.

Christine:  Yes! She’s not an idiot. She knows Paige is involved with both Kyle and JJ. By telling Kyle that JJ’s working for the DEA, she basically set a war in motion knowing there’s a possibility her daughter will be caught in the middle. Maybe she thought that would scare Paige off but if so, that was a really stupid plan. 

Jana: ​I think Eve is completely egocentric and instead of focusing on her daughter, she focused on her self. It probably never occurred to her because of her delusions of revenge.

Tony: Definitely. She knows that Kyle is dangerous. She knows that, despite the millions of times she's denied it, Paige still cares about J.J. and will help him. She has knowingly put her daughter in danger. 

Were you surprised that Eric had so much concern for Serena?

Jack: I wasn't as surprised by that as by his lack of concern for Nicole -- the woman who he almost died next to and who he's been pining away for. I wish he'd have been as concerned about her well being as about Serena's.

Christine: Yes. She smuggled blood diamonds and used Eric to do it. Then she kept her mouth shut after Xander tried to kill him and Nicole. What I really couldn’t believe was how he turned on Nicole. Serena deserved to lose every penny of that money and Eric was a judgmental jerk to turn on Nicole the way he did. 

Jana: No! Eric's a nice person so of course he would pity Serena. Hopefully it will not last for long.

Tony: Not really. Eric changes like the weather. One minute he hates Serena, the next he can't stop thinking about her. 

Nicole wants to open her own business! What do you think she's planning to do?

Jack: I think she wants to put her investigative skills and desire to help people to use. Maybe she'll open her own private eye firm or else her own newspaper!

Christine: No idea. Earlier in the year, I was hoping she and Rafe would team up as private detectives but since Rafe is back at the Salem PD that probably won’t happen. I’d really like to see Nicole have some fun.

Jana: I think she'll maybe do modeling because that's what she did in the past!

Tony: I have no idea, but I'm very excited! I hope it's something good! 

Who would you like to turn out to be Serena's murderer?

Jack: My money is on Ben right now. He's hotheaded, stalkerish and creepy, and the way he was trying to convince Abigail that Chad was guilty was very suspicious to me.

Christine: It wouldn’t surprise me if Clyde strangled her to death just to set up Chad, which makes me feel sorry for Serena and I despised the character. If not Clyde, I really have no clue. 

Jana: Hmmm,I don't have anyone in particular but I hope it's someone completely unexpected.

Tony:  Honestly, it's the only one that makes sense. Especially since he's confirmed as coming back. 

What, if anything, disappointed you this week?

Jack: Aiden suddenly having these secretive, suspicious conversations. Also, Julie deeming JJ as unworthy of Tom and Alice's love based on a dubious claim in a tabloid. She has no room for judgment considering her own past and JJ is just as much a member of her family as Nick, whose crimes were far worse, and who she defended constantly.

Christine: Aiden plotting behind Hope’s back. We’ve known Aiden for over a year and suddenly we’re suppose to believe he’s had some secret agenda all along. If they wanted to break up Hope and Aiden, there were better ways to do it that wouldn’t have left the audience feeling like fools for rooting for Aiden and Hope. 

Jana: I feel Ben/Abby/Chad triangle is getting repetitive with their scenes so that disappointed me.

Tony: Aiden's mysterious phone calls. I still don't think it's true, but it's disappointing that this is even a thing. 

What was your favorite scene, quote or storyline this week?

Jack: A lot of great stuff this week! Steve's return stood out, and Rafe confronting Chad at the mansion was great. I also really liked JJ telling Agent Watts not to talk to Jen disrespectfully. That was both funny and true to character.

Christine:  loved the scene between Chad and Abby in the park, after Serena’s body was found. It was great to hear Abby defend Chad and the two of them talk like the old friends they are. They really do have a lot in common and it was wonderful to hear them acknowledge that.

Jana: My favorite scene was Eric finding Serena dead! I was well done and so eerie!

Tony: Patch's return! Even though he only showed up at the very last second of Friday, it's great to have him back! I also really liked the surprise return of Bo at the end! That was great!

That's it for this week's Round Table! If you'd like to talk more about what went on in Salem this week, check out our Days of Our Lives recap and review!

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