Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Should Be With Hope?

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Clyde caused all kinds of havoc in Salem this week. He tried to intimidate Kate, told Ben he couldn’t leave town and beat the heck out of Aiden

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kathy and Sevenna92 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate if Aiden should have told Hope the truth, who they’d like to see paired with Hope and who deserves to take Clyde down for good after last week’s Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

If you could choose, who would you like to see Hope paired with? Bo (if he came back), Aiden, Rafe, or someone else?

Jack: Aiden! I have been a huge fan from the beginning, and I don't like the way Bo disappeared or some of the ways he's treated her in the past. And Rafe is just out of left field, though there is some chemistry so he'd be my second choice.

Kathy: I like Hope and Aiden but if that doesn't work out I would be fine with Hope and Rafe. Rafe is such an open book I don't think Hope would have to worry about secrets or hidden agendas.

Sevenna92: I would like for Hope to remain with Aiden. I think too much damage has been done to Bope for them to ever become a legitimate couple again in my eyes. And I certainly don't want Rope.

Christine: I'd been rooting for Hope and Aiden but I don’t like the way he’s been keeping things from her or snapping at her when he’s upset. Rate is out of left field but the more I think about it, the more I like the pairing. They could truly work as partners both at work and at home and that could be a lot of fun. 

Should Aiden have told Hope the truth about Clyde?

Jack: Absolutely! I would like to see Hope and Aiden team up to take down the bad guy instead of them each doing their own thing and getting in each other's way.

Kathy: I think Aiden should have told Hope about Clyde. They could have worked together to nail him. 

Sevenna92: Yes I think he should have definitely told Hope the truth. This secrecy and deception will not foster her faith in him.

Christine: It really bugs me that he didn’t. Hope is a detective. It’s her job to take down the bad guys. She doesn’t need Aiden to protect her she needs him to trust her. I feel as though this may be the beginning of the end for them as a couple. 

Were you surprised that Clyde told Ben there was no way he’d let him leave Salem?

Jack: No. Clyde is all about control, and he wants Ben under his thumb. If Ben were to move away he might regain his own mind and not be Clyde's patsy anymore.

Kathy: No, I was sure that Clyde wouldn't let Ben leave Salem. He wants his son under his thumb.

Sevenna92: Yeah I was surprised because I honestly thought that Clyde wouldn't mind letting Ben leave for California with Abby.

Christine: Clyde likes to be in control but I thought he might let them go since what he really wants from Abby is her inheritance. They don’t need to be in Salem to make that happen.

At this point, who would you like to see take down Clyde?

Jack: Anyone and everyone. I just don't want to see JJ be a casualty in the coming war, and I'd love for him to have a big part just so he can be the hero for once. But I'll feel cheated if Stefano/Victor don't have a role after they made an uneasy alliance that has so far yielded nothing.

Kathy: Either Aiden or Victor. Aiden has just taken a beating from Clyde so my choice would be Aiden.

Sevenna92: I don't care. Anybody really, perhaps Victor and/or Stefano. Or maybe Hope. 

Christine: I’d love to see Hope kick his ass because I thinking having a woman take him down would bruise Clyde’s ego. Plus Clyde beat up her boyfriend. Second choice is Stefano. Since Clyde killed his son, Stefano really does deserve the honor.

Was there anything that disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: I actually had to think about this this week. I'm pretty disappointed that Aiden didn't tell Hope. Also wish Sonny had gotten the big goodbye that Melanie got and that Paige had not stuck to her angry stubbornness after helping JJ out.

Kathy: I was disappointed that JJ foolishly put himself in danger to protect Paige.

Sevenna92: Will continues to be a lying weasel. More J.J./Paige stupidity. I can't wait until Paige's gone for good! 

Christine: Sonny deserved a better sendoff and Hope deserved to hear the truth from Aiden. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or story from the week?

Jack: I loved Julie's talk with Hope even if it was way overdue. John and Marlena's dance was also quite nice, and Sonny's goodbye to Ari was very emotional.

Kathy: My favorite scene was Victor supporting Caroline and looking for a treatment for her. 

Sevenna92: I really liked how Sonny got to say goodbye to his parents and especially to Arianna. I was waiting for the latter. I hope someone Sonny comes back. 

Christine: I enjoyed how supportive Maggie was of Victor’s relationship with Caroline. They’ve both loved other people in their pasts and Maggie’s smart enough to realize that Victor’s feelings for Caroline will always be there but that they don’t take anything away from his love for her. 

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