Humans Season 1 Episode 8 Review: 1.8

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Is the Hawkins' mission complete?

It certainly seems that way after Humans Season 1 Episode 8, which found them launching an attempt to save the synths from Hobbs.

I liked the way Steve joined up with them and distracted the police in order for Mattie and Toby to escape with the laptop. It was a little convenient that they found the laptop so quickly, but if it means the synths are saved, then who am I to judge?

The Future of Humanity - Humans

Karen almost ripped her fellow super synths apart in her quest to end her life, but it was interesting that she eventually decided to help them. It was rather unexpected. I didn't expect Hobbs to give in so easily to Laura. It wouldn't have been a shock if he just locked the whole family up in order for him to have his wicked way. 

Hobbs seems like deep down he wants some sort of family. It doesn't seem like he has one and comes across as a complete control freak. Just look at the way he appointed himself as Fred's primary user. He knew that would be the only way to gain some common ground with the rest of them. 

It really amazes me how much Mattie has changed throughout the season. We started off thinking she was going to be a total bitch, but somewhere along the way, her hatred toward the synths actually made sense. She knew whatever she had done in life, a synth would be able to do way better and more efficiently. Then, she met Leo, and her character blossomed into one of the finest on the show. Who would have thought that would happen? 

Considering the way the Hawkins storyline ended, it has me questioning whether they will be part of the show next season. Sure, Laura has the hard drive with the all-important program, but so does Niska. Additionally, Joe and Laura are the happiest they've been in quite some time. Will they really get involved in the drama for a second time? I'm not saying I don't like the family. I do, but for storyline purposes, I don't expect them to be around much longer. 

Niska is such a freaking wild card. I can never guess what she's up to. It's perfectly understood that she wants to try and live a normal life, but why did she steal a copy of the program? Does she plan on leaking it to the world, or is she just keeping her options open? I'm guessing this will be one of the main plots when we return. 

Even though Steve was scared of Karen at first, it looks like these two have finally found some common ground and can move on with their lives, but will it be together? 

"1.8" was a good episode, but it left me with a lot more questions than I'd have liked. The show is in a really interesting place, and I can't wait to see where we pick up when we return to this crazy world. 

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1.8 Review

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