Mistresses Season 3 Episode 10 Review: What Could Have Happened

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As much as I love this show, I have to say tonight was a bit of a letdown. 

Mistresses Season 3 Episode 10 wasn't a bad episode by any means, but it really wasn't that compelling either. Joss' fantasies about life with Scott were okay, as was April's reunion with Daniel. But I didn't care much for the Harry/Ari subplot (though her speech at the breast cancer fundraiser dinner was beautiful), nor was I that invested in Karen's plight. 

Am I alone in this feeling?

Behind Bars - Mistresses

The episode started off strong because Jes Macallan kills it all the time. And I really liked the idea of her questioning her choices and imagining what a marriage to Scott would have been like. 

Scott was always an 'eh' character for me, so while I wasn't thrilled to see him back, I did like that he wasn't painted in a negative light. I think that he truly did love Joss, and I think he would have been a good husband, but the writing has been on the wall for a long time now. 

Harry was always inevitable. He was always gonna be my love, wasn't he?


I feel like the writers are just messing with us now. It felt like the entirety of Mistresses Season 2 was spent watching Joss and Harry's chemistry blossom, only to have them briefly get together, break apart, briefly get together again and then break up once more. Now we're stuck in this limbo, where it's obvious they want to be together, but they just aren't. 

If Joss doesn't fly into Harry's arms the minute she's released from jail, I'm going to be one unhappy camper. 

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the men April has in her life? She already has Blair and Marc fawning over her, and tonight they threw Daniel back into the mix!

I'd forgotten how much I liked Daniel until April opened the door, and there he was. The chemistry was still there between them and there was going to be no denying it. Especially when Daniel was dropping swoon worthy lines like this one...

April, I'm not here because I feel guilty. I'm here because you're the love of my life.


I know, I know, Daniel was a big, fat liar but my God if that didn't make me smile. He loved April (and Lucy for that matter), and a part of me always thought they would wind up together. However, I can't say that I don't agree with April's take on the situation. 

If she took him back, she was always going to be the girlfriend who snooped through his phone and called him a million times while he was out. There was just no way she was ever going to be able to fully trust him again, and that's not fair to either of them. 

So while it was nice to see Daniel and his abs, it really was time for them to have their official goodbye. We'll see you around, Daniel. Thanks for the flash drive!

In Karen land, she was struggling with her pregnancy and what to do next. She struggled with whether or not to tell Vivian and Alec, give the baby to them to raise or raise the baby by herself. She had a lot to consider, but it seemed pretty obvious that she was going to tell them and go from there. 

I'm interested to hear the reaction to Karen's scene at the church. It was pretty sad if you ask me. I'm just glad Karen had the sense not to listen. 

Alright guys, this wasn't my favorite, but "What Could Have Happened" did have some good moments. What did you like about the episode? Are you ready for Joss and Harry to be together for good? What was on that flash drive? Are you sad April didn't give Daniel another chance?

Leave me a comment, and remember, this season is winding down, so make sure you watch Mistresses online right now so you're all caught up!

What Could Have Happened Review

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Mistresses Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Karen: Life is complicated.
April: I know.

Karen: I'm pregnant.
April: What? Oh my God, Karen.
Karen: Yeah, I know.
April: Who?
Karen: Alec. And Vivian.