Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 7 Review: All Must Be Loved

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That's where Ray found himself at the end of Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 7, and without the added benefit of knowing the police were off his back after chatting with Father Romero.

Things with Father Romero didn't go at all as I would have expected from start to finish. Anybody else with me on that? Let's chat about it all.

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Before we get to the real meat of the hour, we might as well hit upon the smaller issues.

Up first, Bridget has developed a crush on Mr. Donellen. It's one she intends to act on and even sought advice over from her unsuspecting mother. I just can't. There is nothing of value that can come out of the device that I can think of. The girl has been through enough and hurt so many ways. Zero interest in this story. 

Mickey and Daryll are in so far over their heads with the Armenians. If Mick somehow thought beating them down with a bait and switch using funny money and pipes was going to endear their business partners and cut them some slack, I think he's mistaken.

I know there was something to the similarity of Mick being beaten at the same time as Father Romero and that it signifies a confluence in the story. I'm just not putting it together. I could feel it as it was happening, but the dots won't connect.

Bunch was responsible for a lot of bombshells. He's getting married, wants his settlement turned over and oh yeah, he did happen to mention to his good friend and SNAP compatriot that he might have shot a Father (and so did Ray), but he didn't name names! 

When he was trying to explain he's not a bad person and not stupid, it was difficult not to feel for him, but he doesn't do himself any favors being too trusting. What was it that motivated Father Romero to hone in on Ray instead of Bunchy? Why wasn't getting Bunchy's repentance enough for Romero? Was it too easy?

It was surprising that Romero was running a home for recovering priests. I almost bought his entire spiel to Ray about being abused himself until what went down at the end when he went crazy and lost himself in a haze of excommunication and shouts of repent.

The idea of asking Ray to confess and heal, if sincere, wasn't a bad one. Any Catholic (lapsed counts says the lapsed Catholic) knows that thought of washing away your past with a trip to the confessional is always in the back of your mind. Yet one of the reasons I lapsed is because I find the whole confession experience so bizarre.

If you don't trust the system, then it's a little difficult to put your faith in faith. If the people you trusted with your faith let you down like they did Ray and Bunchy, it's going to be an even longer trip back.

That's what's so sad about this development. Ray was buying into what Father Romero was selling. Part of Ray must miss what he was getting from his faith, and the opportunity to get some of it back, not just to wash away the crime, but maybe wash away a little of the decades worth of anger he had been hanging onto, as well. 

But instead of treating Ray with kindness when he bolted from the confessional and gently coaxing him back, Romero started lobbing accusations, screaming REPENT like a lunatic, and he melted into a movie-version priest in the middle of an exorcism as he excommunicated Ray right on the spot.

If Father Romero is the fellow in charge of acclimating ex-abusers back into the flow of society, God help everybody.

It's a shame how it went down, because I found myself pretty moved as Romero was initially discussing the situation with Ray. I was oddly hopeful that things might turn out differently than I expected. Then it went to hell.

Someone in the comments noted there is no joy on Ray Donovan anymore. There used to be moments of it even when times seemed bleak. There would be humorous misadventures and reasons to laugh. That's missing this season. It's still one of the best shows on this summer, but they would do well to pull back and let the darkness rest.

Will Ray move forward on an affair with Paige or will he resist her temptation? Will Terry ultimately decide to move in with the family? How much trouble is ahead for Mickey? Are you hoping for a few lighthearted stories before the season ends? Is Romero coming after Ray with both barrels now?

Make sure you're back here for Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 8 to find out!

All Must Be Loved Review

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You know they'd've lost the bar without you. Thank you.