Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Status Asthmaticus

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If I were going to summarize Teen Wolf Season 5 A in one sentence, it would be: "Theo you little shit."

On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 10, Theo continued to be an asshole who ruined lives. We actually learned something about him though. He was the first chimera, and he's part coyote. Congrats on being someone's science experiment, Theo.

Too bad the Dread Doctors couldn't have given you a heart or a soul.

Wolf Dude

Theo's dream pack consisted of some very angry people. He wanted everyone at their worst, their darkest. Looking back, it's clear that this is what Theo has been working towards all along. He spent the entire season trying to uncover and earn the trust of everyone's darker selves.

He told Malia that he'd help her kill his mom. Theo got Stiles to talk about how it felt good to kill Donovan. Theo wants his pack to be just as dark as he is.

Out of the Pack - Teen Wolf

The failed chimeras were killed by the Dread Doctors because they were, well, failures. So what? Theo just brings them all back, and suddenly they aren't at risk of dying anymore? Everyone is a completely healthy chimera?

This doesn't make any sense. You can't honestly expect me to believe that Theo figured out the cure when the Dread Doctors couldn't. The Dread Doctors wouldn't go through all the effort to kill all their failed experiments if they had a cure. Did Theo go behind their backs to do this, then?

It seems like curing the chimeras was plan B for Theo. They are not his dream pack. Sure, most of them have the darkness that Theo wants, but Theo has made it perfectly clear that he came to Beacon Hills for a specific pack. Can Theo just declare himself an alpha? How will this pack operate? 

Honestly, this finale was nothing special. It featured a bunch of questions and a few answers being thrown at us, but that's standard for Teen Wolf. Honestly, it got me more worked up. Sciles fighting in the rain will do that to a person. This finale started out kind of slow, and then the rest of it was centered around Theo's plan of Scott dying. 

Scott McCall was never going to die, people.

The main character was not going to die. If he was, it would have been more of a big deal. We're talking Stiles running in right as the death blow was delivered, or Scott hallucinating Allison as he dies. There would have to be serious pain involved, and we would have all died right there with him. Plus, I'm pretty sure we would have heard rumblings of Tyler Posey leaving Teen Wolf.

Scott dying was never even a possibility, so most of Liam and Scott's fight was spent waiting for it to be over. The fight wasn't edge of your seat material. If anyone would have died, it would have been Liam (sorry bb). Scott killing someone would have been really interesting, especially since he has preached about how they don't kill people for this entire season.

Did it look bad? Yes. But seriously think about it, in what universe would Scott McCall get killed off?

The worst (best?) part was Melissa's emotional reaction when she saw Scott lying on the ground. Melissa broke my heart. I knew Scott was coming back, but damn, Melissa made me tear up.

The one good thing to come out of this somewhat boring fight was that Scott died for fifteen minutes. I am really interested to see what happened while Scott was dead. Did he see people he's loved and get to talk to them one last time? Did he hallucinate some weird mystery that he will try to solve next season like Mike's currently doing on Graceland?

This show is all about the supernatural, so if they don't explore Scott's time when he was dead, it will be a waste. Fifteen minutes is a long time to be dead, and it's not something you just bounce back from, true alpha or not. Odds are Scott will be affected, and it's unclear if it will be for the better or worse. 

What did I say about Parrish? The team needed to hit the books to figure out what he is. It was about time someone listened to me. Parrish is a hellhound. Funny, he doesn't look all that cuddly.

So we're both harbingers of death? I should probably add that to my resume.


It's so great to finally have that mystery wrapped up. Now, we can focus on trying to figure out whether or not Parrish is on team good or evil. As a hellhound, Parrish's job is to protect the supernatural. It looks like as long as no one gets in his way or does anything to expose the supernatural, Parrish will leave them alone. What side do you think Parrish is on?

What did you think of the summer finale? Is anyone else upset that Braeden returned and didn't bring Derek? Is Lydia okay after what Theo did to her? Leave me your thoughts and theories in a comment below.

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Status Asthmaticus Review

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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Guys, we're here to save a life, not kill each other.


This can't be the only way to save her life.