The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Friendly Fire

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There are rough seas ahead for the Nathan James

Between Sean Ramsey's evil genius and the unintended consequences of Rachel's actions, The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 10 ended with a bleak outlook for the crew of the Nathan James

"Friendly Fire" did an excellent job of balancing plot momentum, character development, and action sequences. This kind of well roundedness is what excites me as the show gears up for its second season finale.

A New Cure - The Last Ship

While I've been critical of some of the action heavy episodes seen earlier this season, the explosions and fire-fights tonight served a purpose other than "wow, that looks cool." Blowing up the flotilla was an actual plot point, and the crew was in a different place from where they started after the engagement. This is how action should be done. 

Learning about Rachel's upbringing helped explain her motivations and her drive, but I'm torn on the effectiveness of the flashbacks. I'm not opposed to the idea in theory.  It just doesn't fit in with the tone of the show, and I felt like the same effect could have been accomplished through a few lines of dialogue. 

Rachel is in for some tough times. We don't know if her confinement is going to be as extreme as Quincy's was, but I imagine Chandler is going to do his best to make her life miserable. If the crew wasn't so well trained, I doubt that they'd go along with her sentence. 

I don't know much. I do know this. Wouldn't be here...No one on the ship would be here if not for you. So me? I wouldn't change a thing about you. Oh, you're ruthless, baby. That's why we're alive today.


The crew is obviously on the her side in this matter. Even if she wasn't popular and respected for finding the cure, everyone hates Niels. With how everyone was congratulating and rewarding Miller and O'Conner, I think the letter of Chandler's punishment will be enforced, but not the spirit. 

For Rachel, I think the harsher punishment will be the loss of Chandler's trust and respect. With all of that alone time, she's going to have to deal with the moral implications of what she's done. She may have mouthed off to the captain about being at peace with her actions, but that was total lip service.

Dr. Rachel Scott: So your code is more important than doing what's right?
CDR Tom Chandler: You don't get to decide what's right! That's why we have codes.

While the investigation into Niels' death (and the resulting moral navel gazing) took up the bulk of airtime, the officers were also preparing for arrival in New Orleans. 

The Bluetooth text messaging that the Immune were using was highly impressive, if far fetched. I mean, I lose reception to my earpiece whenever I leave my phone in the next room. Still, it was way more plausible than a "contagious cure." I encourage those of you with STEM backgrounds to explain these ideas (or disprove them) in the comments.

Also, if anyone could explain why so many officers had their personal cell phones (which wouldn't work anyway) on them while on duty, that would be great. It just seems like that would be against regulation.

When the Nathan James arrived at New Orleans, they discovered just how insanely brilliant Sean Ramsey is. Seriously, hiding a submarine under a flotilla? And orchestrating a propaganda campaign like that? How was he a lowly enlisted before the pandemic?

Stop hiding behind civilians. You want to fight? Come out and fight. Let's go. You against me.

CDR Tom Chandler

He may be pathologically nuts, and attempting to perpetrate a genocide, but he's smart. And able to get other smart people to carry out his terrifying plans. 

Outside of the two big plot points for tonight was my favorite scene: Burk and Bivas in the bathroom! I know it doesn't do anything to advance the larger goals of the Nathan James, but Wolf and Burk were both shirtless for more than three seconds.

And Bivas brought up a good point while she was being all sexy and flirty with a flabbergasted Burk. With two hundred plus people on board, Green and Foster are not the only ones hooking up. Especially when you consider the crew has been facing what may be the end of the world.

Lt. Bivas: Guess this isn't the place.
Lt. Burk: What place?
Lt. Bivas: Where people have sex.

It's like high school. People are definitely having sex somewhere. And a Navy ship has some interesting options. Too bad none of them sounded any more comfortable than adolescent hook up spots. 

I just loved the way she toyed with him in that scene. And the look on his face when he realizes he's blown it. The humorous (and hot) interlude was welcome amongst all the angst. 

For our sake, and the crew's, let's hope there's more of that on The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 11, which otherwise is looking pretty foreboding. It seems that Ramsey has recruited non-immune civilians to his cause, which puts the Nathan James in a quandary. 

Watch The Last Ship online, and as always, share your thoughts in the comments section!

Friendly Fire Review

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The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Lt. Bivas: Guess this isn't the place.
Lt. Burk: What place?
Lt. Bivas: Where people have sex.

Dr. Rachel Scott: So your code is more important than doing what's right?
CDR Tom Chandler: You don't get to decide what's right! That's why we have codes.