The Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 Episode 22 Review: Reunion Part Three

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In the most shocking reunion show ever The Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 Episode 22 ended in a way we never would have expected.

Hugging. Seriously, all of the ladies hugged and sincerely, not just for the cameras. Plus 50. We’re still in awe because it’s a first on any Housewives reunion show, ever. 

The second shocker was LuAnn admitting that the turquoise, tinfoil looking, mermaid dress she was wearing was from her own collection. Minus 23. Sonja wasn’t wrong. It is for the masses…who will be shopping for Halloween costumes soon. 

Speaking of the Countess, she swears she only took a walk on the beech with the married guy on Turks and Caicos, she didn’t sleep with him. Does anyone buy that? The other Housewives obviously didn’t, but Heather eventually apologized for bursting into LuAnn’s room like the place was on fire, and LuAnn accepted.  Plus 10.

But did accepting Heather’s apology have more to do with whatever secret Heather's been keeping about the pirate incident on St. Bart’s. Hmm…it was interesting timing. 

Carole and Dorinda (aka Doris because her friends in London couldn’t handle the name Dorinda minus 13) bonded over the loss of their husbands and brought everyone to tears. They even thanked the show for helping them heal. Wow! Has anyone every thanked a Housewives show for anything? Plus 33.

Without anyone screeching at the top of their voice, Ramona actually fell asleep! Of course it could have been too much Pinot. Andy laughed. Ramona Singer is now the first Housewife to walk out on a reunion show and the first one to fall asleep. Plus 18. There must be an award for that. 

Sonja got taken to town for exaggerating everything about her fashion line, from when she’ll be in stores (she isn’t yet) to Madonna being at her fashion show (no one actually saw her.)  As Bethenny told her in this The Real Housewives of New York City quote

Nobody wants you to fail, they just want you to be honest.


The funniest moment was when Ramona got called out on her childish behavior on vacation when she ran off to grab the best room. Even she had to admit she was selfish, but she always felt that since she and Sonja share a room that they deserved the best one.

Plus 37 to Bethenny who says she’d be fine with the room game if she only knew to bring her track shoes along to participate. On your marks. Get set. Go!

Surprisingly, as the show came to a close, everyone got along. 

This wasn't a dirty season either. It wasn't trashy and disgusting and dirty and tonight, I can probably tell you that we will all go out to dinner together because we will all choose to go to dinner together and that I have never seen.


Despite all the “girl code” nonsense, the ladies managed to end on a high note as they all managed to be cool.

Don’t be uncool.

Episode total = +112! Season total = -66!

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Reunion Part Three Review

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