Troian Bellisario Teases Suits Reemergence, Actual Answers on Pretty Little Liars

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It's a big week for Troian Bellisaro.

On Tuesday, we'll see the actress in the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars Season 6 - and the next night she returns to work with real-life fiancé Patrick J Adams on Suits.

At the bottom of this Q&A, Bellisario promises we'll be getting answers to all the questions we've been asking about PLL over its long/mysterious run.

First, however, she talks here about her very different role as Claire on Suits Season 5 Episode 8, as the character's return could spell big trouble for Mike.

Prepare below for Adams to jump into the conversation at one point... and to fall in love with the famous couple even more...

Claire - Suits Season 5 Episode 8

TV Fanatic: How do you come back into Suits? Last time was in a flashback before Mike became a fake lawyer…

Troian Bellisario: Yeah, when my character was first introduced it was as a flashback and she was the first girl that Mike lied to to impress, pre-Rachel.

TVF: Fans of the show will know that having you cross paths in the present day will not be a good thing for Mike. How are you brought back?

TB: It’s definitely not a good thing, especially for Mike, and then also for Rachel. But when we now find Claire she’s gone through a huge change in her life. When we first saw her she was working immigration law and she’s working her way up the ranks and now we see she’s getting a lot of power quickly. It’s also Mike’s first case as a partner and I’m the one he’s paired up against so he cannot meet with me because I’m the one person outside of his circle of trust that knows his secret.

TVF: Claire seems to be pretty smart and is able to size up Rachel pretty quick in their scenes. How was working with Meghan on those scenes?

TB: It was fantastic. Meghan is wonderful and I think what was really fun for me to play in Claire was that she is a smart person who doesn’t really let on to how smart she is. She’s one of those people that you realize that she knows a lot more than she’s saying kind of midway through the scene she’ll drop a bomb that she’s been aware of the entire time.

It was really fun for me to get to play that and to get to watch Rachel in a tizzy dealing with what she’s have to deal with, which is stepping up and representing Mike. Claire is always on her A-game.

TVF: As an actor, how is it for you saying the lines in Suits as opposed to PLL because on Suits there is always this verbal sparring that takes place that must be a little different for you?

TB: It was so much fun! It was funny because I was just coming in from [PLL} so I was on my show learning all my lines for Suits and it was hilarious because when I was drilling them everybody was like ‘that’s not a scene that you’re shooting here, right?’ Definitely not legal jargon you might hear in Rosewood, Pennsylvania! It was very fun to get to go from shooting on my show, flying on a red eye and then landing in Canada and then go into shooting all day on Suits, which was insane but so much fun.

TVF: It was a little jarring for me to watch you one night on PLL and then the next morning watch your episode of Suits but you pulled it off on both fronts!

TB: I’m so thrilled that you think I pulled them off! That’s a huge compliment. At least you didn’t think this was just some bizzaro version of the same person! I’m glad you believed me in both worlds.

TVF: Tell me about working with Patrick, who you have a great chemistry on screen.

TB: It was just so much fun. When we met it was on a play so we started out working together so whenever we get to return to that, it’s such a wonderful and creative place for me to grow because I feel like there’s such permission whenever I’m working with him. He’s got a really good barometer and he’ll let me know definitely when something is or isn’t working.

And, by the way, he’s sitting right next to me and I’m going to hand this over to him and see what he has to say about working with me.

[Patrick J Adams gets on the phone]

Patrick J Adams: I think it’s important that you quote Troian directly here when she says ‘Working with the fierce, raw talent that is Patrick J Adams has been one of the great pleasures of her life. His charisma is matched only by his insane talents and devastating good looks.’ Quote, unquote, that’s exactly what she meant to say.

[Patrick hands the phone back to Troian.]

TB: I don’t know that I could say it any better than that. [laughs]

TVF: It’s what we’re all thinking, right? Let me ask you about Pretty Little Liars and this summer finale coming up. Are we really, truly getting this reveal we’ve been waiting for for so long? I feel like we’ve heard it one too many times.

TB: I keep telling them, ‘guys, have you ever heard about the little boy who cried wolf?’ Every time we have a finale they tell us ‘you’ve gotta tell them we’re going to give them answers’ and I say that they’re only going to give a answer and it’s not necessarily the answer.

But this time – and I’m telling you because I was in the episode unless they completely rewrote it and shot it without me – we really do reveal every question that every fan has ever had and it’s hilarious because now I said ‘I think you guys pushed it too far and I think the fans are going to not believe you now.’ I hope people tune in because they’re finally going to get the payoff. I guess I’ll find out through Twitter later.

TVF: And it seems like this is the end of one chapter but this new chapter after the five-year time jump will be just as linked to everything we’ve seen, right?

TB: It is still very linked. The great thing about the time jump is that it is five years later so you do get to see the girls in a very different light at a different time in their life and thread back into Rosewood mayhem but I hope it’s as much fun for the fans to watch as it was for us to play. 

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA. Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC Family.

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