Zoo Season 1 Episode 6 Review: This Is What It Sounds Like

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Let me begin by saying that no scene in television history has disturbed me as much as watching Xander Harris have his eye gouged out on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Historically, anything dealing with eyes always leaves me feeling queasy, and quite uneasy. 

My ability to withstand television's optical illusions was really put to the test with Zoo Season 1 Episode 6. I had no inkling that Evan Lee Hartley's mission to find the Mother Cell would end with so many needles being stabbed into his leaky eye, or that it would lead to his very early demise.

Abducted in Rio - Zoo

I'm not a DEA agent. The only thing I know about the drug war is that drugs won. So good for you.


Evan Lee has been built up to be a major villain, a man who communicates with wolves, kills hunters, and crashes into cars to get what he's after. His motives with the Mother Cell, and what exactly he was hoping to accomplish with the eye doctor, remain mysterious. Was death what he was after all along? I'm genuinely surprised that we're already saying goodbye to Evan Lee, especially since Jackson still has no answers about his connection to Robert. 

The focus quickly shifted to our double-agent, Ben Shaffer, whose dirty dealings with Reiden Global were revealed to the audience (as if we didn't already know), uncovered by Jackson, and permanently stopped by Jamie all within a matter of 20 minutes or so. It was not a great night to be a villain on Zoo. 

You are one clever cookie.


With these guys out of the picture however, we can focus on the real big bad, and it's not Silva the drug lord of Rio, or the never ending bats; Reiden Global has been fairly silent so far, but now that the Mother Cell is safely with our team, I think it's safe to say their attention will be more focused on going after the chemical company that is supplying animals (and people) around the world with food that is tainted.

Something that Zoo has done very well thus far has been changing up character interactions. While initially it seemed that Mitch and Jamie had a special bond, he didn't share his past with her, even after she opened up to him by bringing him back to her hometown.

Chloe, however, was the person who was able to reach Mitch's sensitive side, and his admission of fear that it's too late for him to contact his daughter again is probably the standout emotional moment for the series to this point. For all of the praise I give to Billy Burke for his humor, this poignant moment was his best.

You hide behind logic, you think emotions are weak, but it's all a defense. Please don't pretend that it's not.


Also noteworthy in the performance category from "This Is What It Sounds Like" was Nonso Anozie as Abraham struggled with becoming a man who kills. We know that Abraham has a military past and that he intimidates others easily, but that he is gentler now, wiser, and not quick to harm anyone. To watch those emotions battle across Abraham's face at each obstacle he was challenged with, culminating in his standoff with Silva, was fantastic. 

The man you are is not worth the man that I would have to be to kill you.


We have to talk about that bear. How did that woman not hear the bear to begin with? Was it the quietest bear to ever live? Maybe she should have just offered the bear a glass of wine (she had plenty.) More importantly though, the bear chose her kitchen to hibernate in. In summer. 

I'm just glad we're finally rid of the bats. (Seriously, it's been bats for three weeks. Time for a new animal, Zoo.)

Stray Thoughts:

  • When I saw the title of the episode, I immediately sang, "When Doves Cry," and continued to hum it, even while writing this.
  • Jackson's jump over those stairs? Pretty hot.
  • Who wants to know more about Mitch and his bat teacher? (No wonder he's such an... expert.)
  • I'm really disappointed in Jamie. For a "smart cookie" she really had no idea that Ben was a bad guy? Come on. We talked about that in the comments for Zoo Season 1 Episode 5, and correctly predicted it. 
  • I felt so bad for Jackson every single time Chloe's voicemail played. 
  • Note to self: if there's an eye doctor on screen, look away. The doctor might just be doing a regular adjustment on a pair of glasses, but he also might stick a long-ass needle in a guy's eye. Better to err on the side of caution.

What was your favorite moment of the hour? Evan Lee's demise? Agent Shaffer's demise? Jamie in a tiny towel? Sound off below and let us know! 

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This Is What It Sounds Like Review

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Zoo Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm not a DEA agent. The only thing I know about the drug war is that drugs won. So good for you.


You are one clever cookie.