Days of Our Lives Recap: Paige is Dead!

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What a week! When was the last time you felt like if you missed a day of Days of Our Lives you were missing out? Can’t remember? Neither can I before this week in Salem.

Kudos to Days for using using its history! Julie rehashing the Martin family saga, Marlena bringing up losing DJ. John’s identity crisis, Bo and Hope flashbacks, Shawn and Caroline flashbacks. Past stories were interwoven with current storylines to entertain old and new fans alike. I couldn’t be happier.

Now, let’s recap what happened in Salem…

Paige is dead. Strangled by what I’m assuming is a serial killer and I’m excited because I love a good serial killer story.

Will I miss Paige? Not really but the aftermath of her death should cause ripple effects for several characters. Eve throwing herself at Justin made sense. That’s how she handles things, with sex. I liked how Marlena ran to Eve’s to help. She needed someone steady to grieve with. The one scene I wish we had had was Eve telling Shane. Even though the two actors have never shared a scene together, I’m sure it would have been incredible. 

Paige’s death left me with one burning question…What is the matter with JJ? He knows Clyde is the big, bad drug dealer the Salem PD is after. Why keep that to himself, especially when he suspects that Clyde may have killed Paige? Is he really naive enough to think he can take on Clyde on his own? And if Chad’s defense team needs an alternate suspect, JJ should top the list. He may not have a motive for Serena but it could be spun that he had one for Paige, plus he completely mucked up that crime scene. Not to mention Eve would be happy to see JJ hang. 

Chad’s having blackouts. Do I think Chad is a killer? No and I'm guessing someone (i.e. the real killer) is drugging him. I also love that as the rest of the world turns against him, Abigail continually sticks up for Chad. Billy Flynn is acting the heck out of this story, from asking Brady about alcohol related blackouts to his desperate laugh when Abby told him what she’d overheard at the hospital. He doesn’t think he killed anyone but he can’t remember. He’s scared and he knows he’s screwed.

Do I think Chad’s the murderer? Heck no, but then who is it? Clyde seems an obvious choice. Maybe too obvious. How about Ben? He’d love to see Chad go down for this but is he really a killer?  Maybe Aiden…

Oh Aiden. I just don’t know what to think of Aiden. Now he’s one of Stefano’s minions?!?  I hate that after more than a year of getting to know this character we’re now being told we never knew him at all. I guess the audience is supposed to feel just as betrayed as Hope will when she learns the truth, which will undoubtedly happen during their wedding at the Salem bicentennial celebration. I expect that’s about the time that Bo will wander back to Salem. Speaking of which…

Bo Brady is alive, but not well. He’s being tortured and held in a dungeon-like prison. As much as I was glad to see him, the torture scene became…well, torturous. But as I said, I expect it’s going to be a while before we see Bo get back home. 

Will Steve rescue Bo? He did little more than make a nuisance of him self this week but I’m hoping for more. Maybe he, John, and Victor will work together. 

John wants to investigate his past. I didn’t think there was any more story to tell for John Black but I could be wrong. It’s been the biggest question since he arrived on the show. Who is John Black? He’s not an art thief. He’s not a priest. He’s not Stefano’s half brother…although I would have loved it if they had explored that. Where will this lead? I have no idea but I’m on board for the ride. 

Adrienne broke up with Lucas. I was as confused as Lucas. They’ve both been happier with one another than with anyone else in years. Plus, Justin has been such a jerk, it’s hard to root for him at all…except then Justin and Adrienne talked and suddenly I remembered what I liked about them together way back when. My feelings swing back and forth like a pendulum for these two couples. Neither one is a bad option. 

Eric got blitzed and for once, I agreed with Daniel. Eric needs a purpose on the show because right now he has none. And nothing could be more true than this Days of Our Lives quote from Nicole…

Oh please, I've done worse than get drunk in a nightclub. I think I've said I'm sorry to every man, woman, and child in Salem.


Let’s hope this means that the Nicole Walker apology tour is officially over. 

Finally, we get to the story with the most potential for fun…

Buying Basic Black. I think I said it last week, Kate, Nicole, and Theresa could be an incredibly fun, powerhouse trio…if they can figure out how to get out of their own way. 

Now Theresa is being mentored by two women who couldn’t be more different: Maggie and Kate. Oddly enough, they’ve both married Victor. Go figure. 

Nicole will be apoplectic when she finds out that Kate is the silent partner but I’m hoping that once the dust settles it will end up being these three powerful women against the world. 

On a side note, if Nicole plans to run a fashion business she really needs to wear something better than the dress she had on today. Maybe Theresa can design something for her, and can she whip up something for Marlena as well? I wasn’t a fan of that striped sweater dress. 

Your turn TV Fanatics, what was the biggest shocker of the week?

Don't forget to check back on Sunday to find out what our Days of Our Lives round table team thinks about this week's happenings in Salem. 

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Shawn-Douglas Brady: You know what? For the first time in my life, I'm glad that my dad is biologically a Kiriakis.
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