Doctor Who: Jenna Coleman Officially Exits the TARDIS

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This is not a drill! The curtains are closing on Clara Oswald.

While fans played a will she or won't she leave game the entire way through Doctor Who Season 8, Jenna Coleman made it official when she announced she'll be playing Queen Victoria in an ITV television production during a recent BBC radio interview.

"I have left the TARDIS – it's happened," Coleman told BBC Radio 1 on Friday, following reports earlier this week. "I've filmed my last scenes."

Jenna Coleman

As for the rumors that started swirling in 2014? Well, they were all true. 

"It's been in the works for a very long time," she said, "Steven [Moffat] and I sat down a year and a half ago and tried to work out the best place to do it and tell a really good story."

"We're not going to give any details but it will happen at some point this season... We worked out a really good story arc out so hopefully people will love it."

Coleman is going to miss the role, of course, as there aren't many where your best mate is an alien and you're constantly running away from monsters. "I think I'm in denial," added Coleman. "I see Peter all the time and I still see Matt all the time, so I kind of believe I still have the keys to the TARDIS."

How do you think she'll go out? Will it be in a big Christmas goodbye, or something a little sooner in Doctor Who Season 9?

There are some ominous titles coming out way, including Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 5, "The Girl Who Died," and Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 6, "The Woman Who Lived." Will one of those focus on Clara's death and the other introduce the new companion? I can feel the tears already!!

Doctor Who returns September 19, at 9/8c on BBCA. You can watch Doctor Who online to see all of The Doctor's and Clara's antics together.

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