Proof: Canceled by TNT After One Season

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Thankfully, there was a fitting conclusion to unanswered questions in the two-part Proof Season 1 finale, as it ended up being the last word on the subject.

TNT opted not to renew the Jennifer BealsĀ starring vehicle about the afterlife for another season.

A Devastating Choice - Proof

In the Kyra Sedgwick produced series, Beals starred as a renowned surgeon who was asked by an eccentric, and dying, billionaire to find definitive proof on the existence of life after death.

The series allowed for discussions on both sides of the debate, which made for interesting television.

The series was picked up by the previous TNT bosses, and under the new regime, they're looking to shake things up a bit. While Proof had decent ratings, they skewed older. The hope now is to draw a younger, edgier audience and move away from procedural programming.

If you'd like to sample the series while we await news on other summer shows worth saving, you can watch Proof online right here.

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Proof Quotes

Carolyn: Excuse me?
Ivan: Kicking the bucket, taking the big dirt nap. You're a doctor. I'm sure you're familiar with the concept.

Ivan: Mind if we skip the usual chit chat, like the amazing amazing architecture, what a great pleasure to meet me, all that?
Carolyn: I have rounds to make.
Ivan: Right. Good. I'm dying.