Scandal Round Table: Uh-Oh, Olitz!

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We knew things wouldn't be easy for Olitz, and Scandal Season 5 Episode 1 proved that to be true. This star-crossed couple just can't seem to find their happily ever after. That might have something to do with the fact that he's still married AND still the President, but hey, we can't knock them for being dreamers, can we?

(Uh, yes. Actually we can.)

We're discussing Olitz and more in the first Scandal Round Table for Season 5. Join Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, Whitney Evans, and Miranda Wicker as they break down "Heavy Is the Head" and then be sure to jump into the comments section below with your answers to this week's questions!

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene from "Heavy Is the Head"?

Jim: Hands down, Fitz and Mellie when he presented her divorce papers. Talk about hitting her with both barrels! He absolutely blasted her when he explained why she would sign. 

Christine: When Olivia took Mellie’s side. Mellie has stood by Fitz for decades no matter what their personal issues but when the tables are turned, Fitz is quick to bail on her. But i have to give kudos to Olivia’s “evil queen” comment towards the end. That made me laugh. 

Whitney: I love when Mellie sheds her hard exterior and lets herself be vulnerable, so I loved her breakdown while talking to Cyrus. Love her or hate her, the woman has been to hell and back and she needed to let some of that pain out, even if it was only for a moment. 

Miranda: I really loved the scene between Olivia and Huck when he asked if Fitz had hurt her on the inside and she asked if Quinn had done the same to him. Olivia is one of Huck's people, and the fact that she can't fix him, or won't try to fix him because she feels so broken herself, made me sad, mad, and everything in between.

Who leaked the photos of Fitz and Olivia?

Jim: Given some of those images were from security cameras, we know they have to have access to White House Security. My money is on some "no-name" schmoe in the security office OR Elizabeth North, as she seemed the least surprised of those watching the report.

Christine: Either Cyrus or Elizabeth. Both could gain access to those photos (I’m sure Cyrus still has people on the inside who owe him favors.)  Cyrus may think with this big of a scandal, Fitz will need him again and Elizabeth was ticked off that Olivia was usurping her power in the White House.

Whitney: My initial thought was Elizabeth, but I think that would be too obvious. Cyrus is an interesting choice, as he's not above a little blackmail and betrayal to get what he wants. And he wants back in the White House. 

Miranda: I don't want it to be Abby because I don't want her to be this petty, but Olivia's undermining while also keeping her relationship with Fitz a secret from her former employee and friend might have been the tipping point. Olivia made Abby look bad, repeatedly. 

Scale of 1 to 10, how dumb were they for carrying on so openly?

Jim: I'd give them a solid 11 maybe 11.5 on the "how dumb can you be" meter. Seriously, the balcony of the white house faces south towards the Washington Monument, which means it face a public direction. While there is a nice big lawn out there, have you seen what they can do with telephoto lens these days?

Christine:  I was thinking the same thing about that balcony, Jim. Anybody with a decent lens can get those shots. But I give them a solid 10. For two supposedly smart people they can act like a couple of hormonal idiots. 

Whitney: Yeah, the sky is the limit for this answer. I'm never surprised by Fitz's stupidity, but Olivia should know better. 

Miranda: I need Fitz to start thinking with the upper half of his body and not the lower. Kicking his wife out of the White House residence and basically moving his mistress in while he's still a sitting President and a married one at that! Olivia going along with it? They turned that ridiculousness all the way up to 11.

Are you game for a Cyrus-Mellie team-up?

Jim: I'm curious if two broken, near-soulless people can make an honest team. Or, will they turn out to be the most evil thing on the planet.  

Christine: Good or evil, these two are nothing if not fun to watch. You never know what either of them are going to do and they’ll both do damn near anything to win. 

Whitney: Bring it on! It's always fun to see the two of them at their most evil, but I'd love to see them bring out some good in one another. These are two very smart and calculating people and together they really could rule the world.

Miranda: I really love it when Cyrus and Mellie team up, for good or evil. They're both so devilish and devious that they make a great pair when they're not trying to take each other down.

Which character are you most excited to see this season?

Jim: Can I just say "yes"? If not, then I'm thrilled Jake is still around. I really was pulling for him last year and glad to see he is still making an appearance. 

Christine: So happy to see Jake back, even though I don’t think that anyone or anything can fix Huck. Despite being a trained assassin, sometimes I think that Jake is the most stable character on the show. 

Whitney: I'm really hoping this is David's season because I adore Joshua Malina. But I feel like I say that every year and I'm always disappointed.

Miranda: Can I just throw out some wishful thinking for Stephen? Let's get him back in the OPA game.

Scandal Season 5 Episode 2 is coming, but for now, here's a sneak peek! And don't forget you can watch Scandal online right here at TV Fanatic!

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

[To Mellie] You don't matter to me. And now you also don't matter to the most powerful man on the face of the Earth.


[to Mellie] First, let's be clear. You did not do anything for me. You did that for you. You only ever do anything for your own benefit. Second, you didn't take me in. I was your prisoner. I was your puppet. I was your bitch. Third, my payment was that I got you elected. You are sitting in that chair, in this office, a United States Senator, because of me. That is how I repaid you. Fourth, one can only be betrayed if there is loyalty first. I was never loyal to you and you were never loyal to me. I don't think you've ever been loyal to anyone.