Scream Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Revelations

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The Lakewood killer has been revealed, but is there really more than one?

On Scream Season 1 Episode 10, we finally came face to face with the person who has been terrorizing the residents of Lakewood all summer long, but did it live up to the hype?

Piper being the killer was a little predictable, but the execution of the reveal was fantastic. It was like watching one of the movies and had me on the edge of my seat throughout. Piper had a clear motive from the get go, and all she wanted was to avenge her father. I don't condone anything she did, but I did feel a little for her. 

The Identity of a Killer - Scream

We all knew there was going to be more than one person involved in this, right? I saw the Audrey reveal coming as soon as she showed up to save the day and Piper was chanting about another surprise. I'm sure Emma likes surprises and all, but I think she had enough for one night. 

We don't quite know what Audrey's motive is, but it should make for a different dynamic in Scream Season 2. It will be weird that we know who the new villain is, but will there be someone else on Team Scream? Let's hope it doesn't go the way of the A team on Pretty Little Liars. Noah wouldn't be happy about that at all. Remember the shade he was throwing at the ABC Family hit a few weeks ago? 

The death toll could have and should've been higher. I'd have preferred if we went into next year with two or three survivors. It would have been better. Some of the characters just aren't gelling and this would have been the perfect opportunity to end them. 

Carlson Young continued to excel as Brooke, and I'm uber happy that she made it out alive. All of her scenes were really well done, and she still managed to hit us with some of her witty one liners. I was prepared for a reveal that she was involved somehow, but I'm really stoked that she wasn't and is a survivor. 

Emma and Kieran should not have gotten back together so soon. They've known each other a few short weeks, and I just didn't like the way they were talking about their god damn relationship. I expected Kieran to disappear somewhere quiet to mourn the loss of his father. He didn't need Emma to question their relationship status. Girl needs to take a chill pill and mourn the loss of her friends. 

Branson seems like he is going to be the Cotton Weary of the show. He's now a free man, and I don't expect him to leave Lakewood behind. Will he pursue Brooke? Probably, but Jake won't be giving her up any time soon. He's into her, and I see his character becoming one of the better ones on the show.

It was also a surprise that Daisy made it out alive. I thought that she was for sure getting cut. She should have some closure now, but the horror is far from over. For all we know, Brandon will return next year and recruit Audrey as his apprentice. It would be very Harper's Island, but if it works, then why not?

"Revelations" was the episode I was waiting for. It had everything I could ask for from a show that shares a name with the movies. The first half of the season should be a lesson to the writers and hopefully the suspense continues. I can't wait for more!

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What did you think of the episode? Was Piper predictable? What's next? Hit the comments below!

Revelations Review

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Scream Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Brooke: Audrey, hey. Did not expect to see you here.
Audrey: That makes two of us. Nice mask, big plans later?

Emma: The killer called. He said that tonight's the finale.
Noah: Of course he did. A big ill advised Halloween dance.