Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Let It Burn

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Chicago Fire is back, and we've got no shortage of drama to discuss!

Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 1 resolved its cliffhangers, introduced new characters, and reunited one couple while also possibly starting a new one. 

With so much to talk about, where should we start?

The beginning is usually a good place, and we did just have to wait all summer to find out what happened to Casey. Thankfully, we learned his fate within the first few minutes. 

While I'm glad it wasn't dragged out, the whole thing felt really fast. One minute Dawson is calling Antonio, and the next Casey is pummeling Nesbitt to a bloody pulp. I kept thinking we'd get to see more of how everything went down through Casey's flashbacks, but no such luck. 

How Casey gained the upper hand against a guy with a gun will stay a mystery, for now at least. 

We did learn that Nesbitt is an informant for the FBI and therefore was set free. Casey was clearly not on board with that decision and believes that he's hiding Katya's notebook. This storyline is far from over.

Meanwhile, Casey returns to work and Dawson is worried about him. She wants to tell him her news, but the timing isn't right, especially now that she's no longer the candidate. 

Enter the new candidate, Jimmy Borelli, played by Steven McQueen. That was quite an entrance for a new character, wasn't it? Can't say I blamed Boden for sending him home early. I get that candidates are supposed to be hazed, but next time leave the hazing to the members of their firehouse, guys. 

Luckily for Jimmy, Boden believes in second chances. 

Jimmy wasn't the only new character introduced at the fire house. Captain Patterson is brought in to take over squad after Severide is stripped of his rank due to the high turnover rate. Needless to say, Severide does not take this well. 

It's not the new captain's fault that any of this happened, and he's there to do his job; however, he did not handle the situation very well. I understand needing to gain the respect of your guys, and therefore putting Severide in his place at the fire with the "your squad?" comment, but everything at the station was unnecessary.

Ordering pizza and inviting everyone to his boat for barbeque was explicitly done to show his power over Severide. Can he really make them coming over after shift mandatory? Unless they're getting overtime pay, they're off duty. 

I hope Severide completes his management course and gets his squad back. He's already considering leaving 51, but I think Cruz will convince him to stay. 

The management course isn't all bad, though, as Severide met a new potential love interest. Will this turn into a relationship or is it just a fling? 

Does anything actually still require you to register in person instead of online? Couldn't that whole scene have happened on the first day of the class instead of the day before? It seems like a waste of everybody's time to force them make a special trip just to register. 

Of course there was plenty of character drama, but it wouldn't be Chicago Fire without fires and medical emergencies, too. The fire call was actually pretty interesting, as the whole neighborhood attempted to keep the firefighters from doing their jobs. Considering we learn it's a poor neighborhood, all those damaged cars have got to hurt. 

This one may come back to haunt them as Boden received a notice that they supposedly didn't arrive on the scene fast enough. Something tells me that's not going to stick, but it could cause some headaches.  

Brett and Chili's case was an emotional one and we had to wait almost until the end to find out if that baby survived. It also gave Will Halstead something to do other than just hang around Molly's all the time. 

Speaking of Molly's, I'm not really sure what to make of the new neighbors. Shouldn't they have scoped out the neighborhood before moving? Is this actually going to be a lingering story line? I hope not. Writers, you can do better.

We had to wait almost to the end for the baby update because the very end was saved for Casey and Dawson's much needed conversation. 

Casey: All that matters is you came out alive, because here's the thing, being with you, that's what makes sense. May be the only thing that does, and I don't ever want to let you out of my life again.
Dawson: I'm pregnant.

That's right, Dawson and Casey are back together and he couldn't be happier about the baby news! What will this mean for them moving forward? This was not Dawson's first close call; it would make sense that she would be taken out of the field for the duration of her pregnancy. 

So what did you guys think of the premiere? Do you like the new characters? Are you happy to see Dawson and Casey back together? Has Severide found love or is he just dulling the pain of his demotion? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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Let It Burn Review

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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Otis: Candidate's late on his first day?
Mouch: Now that takes gumption.

Patterson: I'd like you to remain with the company. Your reputation as a firefighter is not in question.
Severide: No, just my ability to lead.