Chicago PD Review: Crank up the Black Sabbath

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We were treated to a double dose of the Intelligence Unit. 

Ruzek found himself in hot water on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 5 and the team investigated a fake CIA agent with Delusional Disorder on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 6

If your head is still spinning with all of those twists and turns, chances are you're not the only one. 

Body In An SUV - Chicago PD

It is crazy that these guys were following orders of a guy with Delusional Disorder. Imagine finding out that you killed people on orders from someone with a mental illness while thinking you were protecting your country. That's a tough pill to swallow. 

It actually reminded me a little bit of Alias and SD-6 with everyone thinking they were CIA, but actually were working for the bad guys. 

This guy had an arsenal full of weapons and tons of cash, not to mention his illness made him believe it was real. He was obviously pretty convincing. 

Ruzek did not make the best of choices when he went undercover and didn't call it in or request back up. Ignoring Antonio's advice to stay put was also not a great idea. In the end it led to bringing down a pretty nasty guy, so it wasn't all bad. 

The Intelligence team always manages to get results, regardless of their often times unorthodox methods. Thank you Ruzek for actually pointing that out: 

Platt: Hot water, huh?
Ruzek: Yeah, to be honest I don't totally get it. Of all the things we've done in Intelligence, all the things we get away with, the Ivory Tower wants to break my balls over this?

He's not kidding about all they've gotten away with. Atwater gave us a great example when he shoved a guy's head in a fish tank. 

It was obvious the victim's son was going to have something to do with the robbery, but now he'll have to live with his actions getting his mom killed. 

Roman is clearly trying to move in on Burgess. He was fishing when he asked how the push plan worked. 

Roman has never been one of my favorite characters, but I have to admit he's starting to grow on me. I wish he'd keep his relationship advice to himself, but at least he's good with dying children.  

It was so heartbreaking to hear that little boy say he wants to be a cop when grows up.

Platt gets the MVP trophy. She was amazing with the kid and really helped make his day along with Roman. She also called in a favor to get Ruzek reinstated. Plus, she was absolutely hilarious. I don't think Burgess could have been any more uncomfortable. Black Sabbath, who knew? 

Ruzek made up for failing the push test when he told Burgess that the uncertainty with his job had no effect on their relationship. There's hope for these two yet. 

And what about the show's other power couple? 

Lindsay and Halstead are officially back together, and this time they're not bothering to keep it a secret. At least they realize that everyone already knows (except Hermann apparently) and trying to hide it is pointless. 

Let's just say, it did not take long for Halstead to help Lindsay break in her new couch. 

Olinsky's DNA test results came in and unsurprisingly, he tore them up without opening them. He wants to be in her life, it doesn't matter to him if she's biologically his or not. I do wonder what he'll say to his wife. I hope he doesn't lie to her about the results. 

Your turn, are you excited to see Lindsay and Halstead back together? Is Roman growing on you? Are you going to add Black Sabbath to your playlist? 

If you missed anything, you can watch Chicago PD online any time and catch up!

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