Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Natural Born Storyteller

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Well that was one to pull on the heartstrings.

It's hard to blame Dawson for letting this one get to him. It wouldn't be Chicago PD if we didn't see a cop hit a suspect in an interrogation room. 

Kids were the theme of the hour on Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 2 as the team investigated the murder of an eight year old boy. 

A Boy's Murder - Chicago PD

The case was a good one, full of emotional impact and serving as a parallel to the lives of our characters. Dawson can't see a dead kid without picturing his own son. As Olinsky said, murdered children is not something anyone ever gets used to. 

Seriously, how heartbreaking was the sister coming to Voight with her piggy bank? 

Dawson got his time to shine as he heroically stepped in to talk the suspect into letting the kid go. His phone call with his son also made for a sweet moment. 

Olinsky had his own paternal drama going on as his estranged daughter only wanted money from him. But, they're making small strides and could be on their way to developing some sort of real relationship. At the very least, Olinsky is trying and she seems willing to let him. 

Roman's secret is out, and as if we weren't already emotional enough, we find out that he's taking shots to prepare to donate bone marrow to a child with leukemia. Not exactly what we predicted on the Chicago PD Round Table, but we were right about it being somewhat anti-climatic in that it turned out to be something completely innocent. Thankfully, it wasn't drugs. 

Speaking of drugs, Lindsay has moved back in with Voight and submitted to his weekly drug tests, as per his first condition. She appears to be through the withdrawal, but she's still struggling with Voight's second condition, her mother. 

There's really no other way to say it, Bunny is a cold-hearted witch and she knows exactly what to say to cause her daughter the utmost pain. 

He's gonna get you killed. He's gonna get you killed like he got Nadia killed.


The look on Lindsay's face after that made me want to personally kick Bunny in the face. Lindsay told her that they need time apart, but Bunny is not going away any time soon.

Now she's after Voight's job. Does she actually think a move like that will bring her daughter back to her? I don't think she does, but her vindictive nature just can't let him win without a fight. For all we know she could be planning to blackmail Lindsay into coming back to her in order to save Voight's job. I wouldn't put it past her. 

On to happier news, though there really wasn't much. But, we did get a tiny hint of a possibility that Voight might be on board with Halstead and Lindsay's relationship at some point in the future. 

Regarding you and Lindsay. I don't know what your relationship status is and I don't care. But I need to know someone's got her back 24 hours a day.
Halstead. Yeah, always.


I mean, that's as close to Voight giving his approval as we're ever going to get, right? Things are messy right now, so it's not the best time for them to get back together, but Halstead clearly sees it as a possibility. His brother seems to be supportive of the idea. 

How far will Bunny get in her vendetta against Voight? He's definitely not someone I'd want to mess with. 

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Natural Born Storyteller Review

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