Dancing With the Stars Season 21 Episode 8 Review: Halloween Night

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The streak is broken.

For the first time EVER Derek Hough's team has lost a team dance.

On Dancing With the Stars Season 21 Episode 8, the couples danced Halloween themed routines dressed and vampires, werewolves, and ghosts as the competition because just a little more intense.

dwts halloween

Before I get into the routines, though, I have to say that one of my favorite things about these past two weeks of the competition is the guest co-host. Leah Remini is hilarious and perfect as a co-host for Dancing with the Stars. She just seems so natural and comfortable interacting with the dancers and cracking jokes. She's truly a great addition.

The routines for the Halloween theme were a lot of fun. I appreciate any reason for Mark Ballas to put on an elaborate costume, and it was really only a matter of time before she dressed up as Edward Scissorhands.

Despite the fact that they landed at the bottom of the leaderboard, Tamar and Val's dance was one of my favorites. It seems to me that Val has stepped up his game since he got a taste of winning, and they could easily make it to the finals this season. And Tamar's confidence is amazing. Really, how can you not root for her?

Everyone, though, has really pushed themselves, and it's about to get to the point where anyone could go home at any time.

I also really enjoyed Andy and Allison's dance tonight. It was well done and captivating, and we learned something new about Julianne Hough! Don't worry, Julianne. I totally where see where you're coming from with that reaction.

I always enjoy watching the team dances. They're a chance to see everyone mesh together and put on a true, thoughtful performance while thinking about more outside the box. To me, both of these were among some of the best we've seen. I think we're all a little surprised that Derek's streak has been broken, but I suppose it couldn't last forever!

We were whisked through another fast elimination at the end of the show. Though they were at their best for this round of the competition, Hayes and Emma were eliminated. 

It's disappointing to see someone perform at their best only to be eliminated from the competition on the same night. Still, I'm not entirely surprised.

What did you think of Halloween Night? Which dance was your favorite, and how do you feel about that elimination?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Here are this week's scores!

  • Nick and Sharna (Argentine Tango): 24
  • Hayes and Emma (Waltz): 26
  • Alexa and Mark (Paso Doble): 27
  • Tamar and Val (Foxtrot): 24
  • Andy and Allison (Paso Doble): 26
  • Bindi and Derek (Argentine Tango): 30
  • Alek and Lindsay (Viennese Waltz): 25
  • Carlos and Witney (Paso Doble): 28
  • Team Nightmare: 30
  • Team Who You Gonna Call: 28

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