Empire Round Table: Where Are You, Hakeem?

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Who invited Michael back for Round 2?

He didn't seem wholly necessary last season and his actions in Empire Season 2 Episode 5 put him high on our list of characters that need to go. Jamal may not be the same sweetheart he once was, but he deserves much better than the bland Michael. 

Speaking of bland, Andre was confessing his sins ahead of his baptism, but was it a nice gesture? Or a case of too little, too late?

Join TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Paul Dailly and Whitney Evans as they discuss another installment of the FOX hit.

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What was your favorite quote or scene?

Carissa: Gah. It was a hard episode to have a favorite. Can't say that I really did! I was disgusted by the photographer wanting to blow Jamal in the hallway. That he's one of the producers just makes the scenes unbearable! LOL

Paul: My favorite scene has got to be Lucious showing up at the church and getting a whole lot of shade from Cookie and Jamal.

Whitney: "Preach, Mom. Preach." The whole church scene was great, but I loved that line from Hakeem the best.

Thoughts on Cookie's new hire, Mr. Delgado.

Carissa: Oh, he's a hottie. And he seems to know what he's doing. He's staying, right? And knowing that seeing Cookie with Hottie McHotterson will drive Lucious nuts is worth a lot.

Paul: He seems like he's going to be a decent addition to the cast, but I'm expecting it to be revealed that he's on Lucious' payroll.

Whitney: Ah, Paul! Now you've got me worried! I love Adam Rodriguez and his chemistry with Cookie, so I loved the new hire and I was hopeful that he'd be sticking around for awhile. Cookie deserves some happiness and I think he could be the man to bring that into her life.

Are you hoping Jamal and Michael work things out or are you ready for Jamal to move on?

Carissa: NO NO NO. I cannot stand Michael. Why is he back for Empire Season 2 anyway? He was whiny during Empire Season 1 and has shown no growth. Every single time he's in the same room with Jamal and another living, breathing creature, he gets uber jealous, and it's freaky. Now he's accepting blowjobs from people Jamal turns down. Does he want to love Jamal or BE Jamal? Kick him to the curb. NOW.

Paul: I'm with Carissa here. He's a large part of the reason this season has been so disappointing. Get rid of him now, and he can take the artist with him. Bye, Felicia.

Whitney: HA! I agree with you both. Whose bright idea was it to bring him back this year? He added nothing to Empire Season 1, and he's bringing nothing this year. Jamal may not be my favorite this person right now, but he deserves better.

What did you think of Andre's confession spree?

Carissa: Ugh. I didn't see him confess to the police he covered up the accidental death of Vernon, so none of it means a damn thing. He's a hypocrite, picking and choosing which sins he's going to confess to make himself feel better. I'm sure Vernon feels mighty good about that.

Paul: I agree with Carissa again. A lot of characters are circling the drain this season, and he's one of them.

Whitney: I'd forgotten about half the stuff he confessed to because he is such a forgettable character these days. Although, I'm a sucker for any scene that has the three brothers together and actually acting like brothers, so I'm glad he decided to confess to Jamal his role in last season's studio ambush.

5Prediction time! Who's behind Hakeem's kidnapping?

Carissa: I seriously have no idea. A kidnapping was the last thing I expected (well, untrue, because I read your review before watching the show, so....). But in the grand scheme of things, who in the hell wants to kidnap Hakeem? I thought the crack head thing was a one off having to do with the crappy building. Guess I was wrong!

Paul: It's obviously something to do with those crack heads who attacked Tiana. I'm still unsure who is behind it all though.

Whitney: If it has to do with those crack heads, then the bigger question is who the hell hired them? The obvious answer is Lucious, but like I mentioned in my Empire Season 2 Episode 5 review, I don't trust Thirsty one bit. He's at the top of my suspect list.

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Empire Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Hakeem: You really think Vernon offed himself?
Cookie: Look, where we from, if snitches don't kill themselves, somebody else will.

Andre, nice to see you without a shovel.