How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 3 Review: It's Called the Octopus

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Sex is natural, sex is fun, sex is best when...nobody dies. 

Unfortunately that was not the case for Annalise's latest client. In addition to a sex soaked case of the week, How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 3 blessed us with an abundance of new information relevant to the big cases of the season.

Throw in a little Annalise showing off her vulnerabilities while still kicking ass in the courtroom, and you have an excellent twisty, turny hour of fun. 

It's Called the Octopus Scene - How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 3

The Utopia Circle murder case was actually a let down. Beneath the sexy veneer, it was basically the same case as the pilot episode featured: woman falls in love with a married guy who won't leave his wife, uses her intimate knowledge of his medical history to kill him, and Annalise gets her off by presenting the wife as a viable suspect, introducing reasonable doubt. 

It may not have been riveting, but changing the setting to a sex party from a boring office a least allowed for innumerable double entendres, as well as some personal growth for the law students (more on that later). The highlight of the case was the montage of interviews with Tanya's clients.

I loved how the writers interwove them for maximum comedic effect. Also, the guy with the hot dog was just the best. 

Do you want to keep your business or do you want to go to jail for being a negligent slut?

Annalise Keating

No real progress was made on the Hapstall case, what with Annalise drinking herself into oblivion and Asher torpedoing efforts from the inside. I didn't find the incest reveal to be all that shocking, but it definitely screws up any plan of attack Annalise may have been cooking up.

What I didn't see coming was that it would be the housekeeper who outed them, even though it does make logical sense. The help sees everything after all. 

The most intriguing thing about the Hapstall's right now is Emily Sinclair. I'm still a little confused why she would be appointed to their case after bombing Nate's indictment, but that's neither here nor there. What does she have on Asher, and how does she have it?

I have a feeling that whatever those answers are, they're directly related to how she ends up dead at the Hapstall mansion.

Emily Sinclair: It feels good, doesn't it? Being on the right side of justice for once?
Asher Millstone: Justice, is that why you're gunning for Annalise? 'Cause, uh, it's really pretty stalker-y how much you care about taking her down, to be honest.

We got a lot of information tonight that's pertinent to the future murder. Some of that came from the flash forwards, but quite a bit was scattered through the rest of the episode. 

While Asher sneaking around Annalise's house and spying for Emily was presented as pertinent to the Hapstall case, I'm not ruling it (or the mystery of what exactly Asher did) out as an important clue to how Annalise ends up bleeding out on the floor of her client's house.

Others have pointed out that we haven't seen Asher in the future yet, and he's not part of the murder club, but he has the leading motive to kill Emily.

Michaela's new beau, Levi, turns out to be Rebeccca's foster brother. Since he suspects Annalise of her murder, it would make sense that he may have shot her. Maybe Emily was just collateral damage? If Levi is the shooter, why were the four students there though?

Was Wes, with his new alliance with Levi, involved? It's too early to say yet, since that partnership could end going nowhere. After all, Levi immediately disregarded Wes' warning to stay away from Michaela.

Wes also teamed up with Nate to investigate Annalise. But Nate's concerned phone call to her, along with where he picked the kids up, point to his exoneration. It's hard to imagine that Wes would hurt his mentor, but he did leave her in the house. Could his suspicion of her lead to an ultimate betrayal?

With all the mystery building going on, you'd think the writers would have the hands full, but they still managed to give the staff at Murder, Inc. lots of juicy personal moments.

Annalise totally stole the show (as always) with her drunken spiral of despair. Everything Viola Davis did with that was perfect, and really relatable. I love Annalise not just because she's a total shark in the courtroom, but because sometimes, she's just a hot damn mess. But even sloshed on high quality vodka and lacking decent snack food, she manages to get ish done.

Get me some chocolate chip cookies, I hate all this healthy food!

Annalise Keating

Ollie and Connor continue to win at best couple. One of the things that makes them work (as opposed to basically all the other couples on the show) is that they seem to actually like each other. They support each other and make one another better. AND they're super hot. The only disappointment with them in "It's Called the Octopus" is that Ollie didn't get to work any of his computer magic. I love when he helps on cases. 

I felt so bad for Michaela with this one. Not only has she never had an orgasm, now all her coworkers know about it? Somebody needs to get her a copy of the Vagina Monologues, stat. I hope the sex with Levi is good, because that's another doomed relationship for her.

Honestly, even if he wasn't screwing her primarily to find out what happened to his sister, that wouldn't turn out to be a long lasting relationship. She's far too type A to really date a guy who doesn't have grand ambitions. 

Am I the only one not onboard with Laurel and Frank? Sure, his little act of dominance in "She's Dying" was super hot, but I just can't see them as a real couple either. Frank's got too many secrets, and while Laurel can be shrewd, I think deep down she's still the "nice girl."

The sex is hot, but I'm not picking up on the chemistry when their clothes are on. Bonnie and Asher were the better inter-office couple for sure. 

I made you promise not to see Frank, and then I go and hook up with doucheface? And the worst part, I fell for that putz!

Bonnie WInterbottom (to Laurel Castillo)

Don't miss How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 4, airing October 15th.

Annalise will be confronted by Nate's dying wife, which promises to be completely bonkers – how exactly will Annalise's very particular moral code let her deal with the wife's request? I'm mainly looking forward to learning more about Asher and the mysterious Tiffany.

It's about time he got to join in on the fun of deep dark secrets. 

You can watch How to Get Away with Murder online with us here at TV Fanatic if you missed it, then jump into the comments section with your leading theory about what is going to go down at the Hapstall estate!

It's Called the Octopus Review

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