iZombie Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Grumpy Old Liv

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Hello zombie fans! Are you as I relieved as I am to finally – FINALLY – have Liv and our favorite team of zombie experts back on your screen? 

iZombie Season 2 Episode 1 left us with so many questions! How is Major going to get out of this new zombie hunting mess? What the heck is Blaine up to? And where in the hell is Peyton? 

Okay, you caught me. I don't really care where Peyton is.

From the get go, Peyton's character has been a total miss for this otherwise awesome zombie cast, and keeping her off screen only increases the "don't know, don't care" attitude most of us have for her. I can't tell if she just hasn't been around enough to strike me as awesome, or if there is truly nothing remarkable about her to warrant much interest. 

We'll be talking about the Peyton Problem on this week's iZombie Round Table, that's for sure, so look forward to that! 

On the other end of the spectrum, can we talk about how amazing Major's storyline is shaping up to be this season?

After a stellar first season, it didn't seem like Major could get any better, but he's done it again! Besides turning into a walking zombie detector, now he's going to have to reluctantly murder innocent Seattle zombies for the evil Vaughn Du Clark if he wants to keep Liv alive. Such a great 180 twist from the zombie-hunter Major of iZombie Season 1, who seemed out for undead blood no matter what. 

What do we think is up with his sixth zombie sense being immune to Liv, though?

She domesticated you. Like a lap dog or a pigeon that would eat crumbs out of your hand.


Is he really "domesticated" like Ravi thinks, or is there something else there?

Maybe we can find out more in iZombie Season 2 Episode 2, since Major and Liv will be spending quite a bit of time together! 

Elsewhere, Clive seems determined to solve the mystery of Meat Cute. Sometimes it's hard to remember that Clive is practically the only one of the main cast who isn't in on the zombie conspiracy. This poor guy is desperately trying to find out the real circumstances of Suzuki's death, but he's kind of fishing with no bait. 

I just hope he stays far far far away from Blaine. 

Blaine, who is still ten kinds of crazy.

Blaine: Somewhere out there, Major Lillywhite, the most presciently named zombie of all time, roams the earth.
Liv: Whitey Shamblemore begs to differ.

I know there are more than a few of you Blaine/Liv shippers out there, and I have to admit, their snarky banter does always leave me wanting more. Unfortunately, Blaine seems to still be all about killing people and making more zombies, so I'm not sure if he has much of a future with our lovely Liv. 

I can't say much for the procedural storyline tonight, but then again, I've always thought that was the weakest part of the show. I will say that the premiere did a flawless job of weaving an otherwise small time murder case into Liv's personal identity crisis. Plus, the crotchety old man jokes were pretty priceless. 

With any luck, someone with a winning personality is out there getting murdered right now. Woah... uncool Liv!

As we move forward, we should probably keep our eye on Liv's new roommate, Gilda. Besides having a totally evil name, she's, well... totally evil. I can't wait to see Major's face when he runs into her hanging out in Liv's kitchen. Awkward. 

With the exciting news that iZombie got five more script orders this week, it's looking like we'll have plenty of iZombie to come this year! 

You can also watch iZombie online to see this awesome premiere if you somehow managed to miss it! 

Grumpy Old Liv Review

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Oh, the humanity.


Liv: Have you noticed that Finale Hope hates me?
Ravi: Her name is New Hope, not Final Hope. You know this. If I wanted to give her a depressing name, I would have gone with Phantom Menace.