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Eddie Morra is looking for someone to trust, but can Brian – and viewers – trust him?

Sure, it’s probably easy to get sucked in to believe whatever Eddie is preaching. After all, he is portrayed by Bradley Cooper, and that gives Eddie a major bonus.

But let’s see, Eddie threatened to hurt Brian’s family if he didn’t do what he wanted, he tried to get him to frame Rebecca, and he waited a really long time to give him the booster shot when the side effects really started kicking in.

That’s not exactly the type of person I would want to suddenly team up with.

Limitless Season 1 Episode 6 marked the return of Cooper as Eddie, albeit through a few short text messages and one rooftop meeting. The presence of Eddie’s character has certainly continued to loom over the series even when he’s not around, and especially through his fixer, Mr. Sands.

But there is something exciting when Eddie actually does appear, and while I wish we got much more from the character, I’m at least thankful that Cooper’s even willing to make these appearances. He certainly could have never even joined the series or been simply a producer. So the fact that we do get to see the continuing story of Eddie with Cooper in the role is welcomed.

We’ve also only barely scratched the surface of Eddie’s big plans, and they aren’t just about rice.

It makes me wonder if Eddie is having these conversations with others he’s chosen to give NZT to that we and the FBI don’t know about. Or is it simply just Brian?

The hour did dig a little deeper into the development of NZT, and while we didn’t find the inventor, we did learn that someone sent out the formula. And the doctor started his test trials, working to help people, all before someone started clamping down on the NZT use and seemingly killing off people using it.

With the way the episode ended with Mr. Sands blowing up that guy, it’s probably safe to say that Eddie has been behind it all. But that means there’s someone else out there with a certain level of power and knowledge of NZT that might actually be more of an ally to Brian and a threat to Eddie.

Because while Eddie claimed he was just testing Brian, even giving him those extra pills as a nice gesture, it still feels like there are some strings attached.

Either way, Brian better be careful.

While I never doubted that Brian would wind up OK by episode’s end, it was at least good to see that using NZT isn’t just the fun and games that Brian makes it out to be. There are some very real consequences just from taking the drug.

At the same time, Brian revealing some truth about the file to Rebecca and seeing her willing to help Brian out was a positive. She could have easily just turned him in, too.

Unfortunately, Rebecca spent her time playing war games, which weren't that exciting. We did get to see why Naz chose her, and that Naz wanted to show Rebecca the file. But it wasn't that fascinating of a side plot when compared to the NZT hunt.

Overall, I was expecting a little more from the episode than mostly just following a sick Brian around and then a short chat with Eddie. But I liked that the hour focused more on the bigger mythology of the series and provided some interesting tidbits to mull over, rather than just having a regular case of the week at the forefront.

And of course, Cooper's return was a fun bonus for the hour. Though, I still can't help but think that the further we get into Limitless Season 1, the more Cooper will really wind up being the bad guy by season's end.

Were you glad to see Cooper back? Is Eddie a good guy or a bad guy? Do you trust that he wants to team up with Brian? Sound off below, and watch Limitless online to make sure you're all caught up!

Note: Limitless Season 1 Episode 7, "Brian Finch's Black Op," airs Nov. 3 at 10 p.m.

Side Effects May Include... Review

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