Nashville Season 4 Episode 4 Review: The Slender Threads

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If you thought Scarlett and Deacon's shared grief might bring them together, then have I got bad news for you! 

On Nashville Season 4 Episode 4, Scarlett's decision to take Beverly off of life support continued to haunt her where Deacon was concerned. While it certainly seemed like the right choice last week, it may have cost her both her mother and her uncle in one fell swoop.

For most of the episode, Deacon's point of view was decidedly hard to sympathize with.

After all, the doctors all said that if Beverly ever woke up (and that's a big IF!) she would never really be Beverly again. Eating, walking, even speaking on her own would all be momentous achievements. So Deacon's bitterness over Scarlett's decision to end life support seemed pretty unfair.

But after witnessing his break down at the funeral and then again with Rayna, it's easier to sympathize with the grieving man. 

I'm not hurt, I'm angry.


Beverly was such a fighter, and in Deacon's eyes, Scarlett had taken the opportunity to fight away from her. In his mind, all his sister needed was time, and she would have proven those doctors wrong.

It might not make perfect sense, but grief usually doesn't.

All I can say is that if Deacon is currently stuck in the Anger stage of grief, I shudder to imagine what the Depression stage will look like. Thank goodness he's going to his AA meetings! 

Scarlett, on the other hand, doesn't seem to want support from anyone. Even Zoey – whose cameo was ten kinds of unnecessary – barely gets a breakfast out of her before she's back on her own. The only person she seems to genuinely accept support from is Gunnar, which doesn't make Caleb feel great.

And this is where things get seriously interesting.

Because rather than grandstanding and threats, Caleb shows up at Gunnar's door with a song. One that ended up needing lots of tweaking, but a song nonetheless. One he wrote for Scarlett, trying to speak her language during her time of grief. I may not be a huge Caleb fan, but you have to admit that is a seriously romantic gesture.

Gunnar: You wrote a song?
Caleb: I started one, and I was wondering if you could help me finish it.

Plus, watching Gunnar and Caleb get their bromance on was such a refreshing change up to the typical triangle story. 

When Scarlett inevitably finds out the Gunnar did most of the leg work on the song that finally reached her, and she decides to leave Caleb for him, I hope those two can stay friends! 

Wishful thinking?

Elsewhere, Markus Keen showed his true colors, and I'm not sure I care for them.

Despite his overall lack of tact (mentioning a baby daddy and a shooting right off the bat?), he seems to be genuinely excited to launch his career in country music. Unfortunately, enthusiasm doesn't count for much when you act like a Grade A Douche

A trend he's likely to continue in Nashville Season 4 Episode 5, when he starts work on his new album with Avery. 

Poor Layla got practically punted off stage at the Opry in favor of Rayna and Markus' duet. That girl just can't catch a break. Any hopes I had for Markus and Layla becoming friends or more might have just gone out the window, since she probably won't forgive him any time this century.

Finally, let's talk about Juliette.

Is anyone else 100% fed up with her at this point? After a slow descent into madness on Nashville Season 3, it might have been expedient to get Juliette back on the train to sanity early on this season. Instead, we get to witness her fall face first into drugs and exhaustion and even more crazy! 

I'm not sure how. exactly, she's ever going to get Avery to forgive her – much less let her see her daughter again – but if it ever does happen, it's going to be a long road to recovery. 

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The Slender Threads Review

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