Pretty Little Liars Return Date Confirmed, Special Announced

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Pretty Little Liars made it debuts at New York Comic-Con today, delivering a couple major tidbits to fans anxiously awaiting its return.

Aria, Spencer and company will kick off the back half of Pretty Little Liars Season 6 on January 12 at 8/7c.

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This is a long time from now, of course, but creator Marlene King also revealed that a special titled "Flash-Forward" will air on November 24.

Look for it to update fans on "some of what happened off screen during those five years to these characters," King teased.

Yes, the series is about to jump ahead FIVE years, with Alison coming back as a married woman and Hannah being engaged. To Caleb?

"It might be Caleb, it might not be," King teased. "A lot can happen in five years."

She did confirm the following, however: "Caleb, Toby and Ezra are still very much a part of our world when we come back in five years."

Meanwhile, all our favorites will be a part of the show's upcoming new mystery, considering A has (finally!) been identified.

"There's a new mystery. There's a little bit of old mystery dabbled in there, but not a lot," King previewed. "It's mostly new mystery. There will be a new Big Bad in their lives and a new mystery to solve."

NOTE: During this painful hiatus, you can always follow this link to watch Pretty Little Liars online as well.

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